The waning influence of al-Qaeda and the rise of Sharia supporters

Posted on October 10, 2012


Interview by Mawassi Lahcen for Magharebia in Casablanca – 10/05/12
In the context of the Arab Spring and the space of freedom provided by the Islamists militants poses a number of new groups to implement their agenda.

In light ancestral climb in Tunisia, Libya and Yemen groups unite under the banner of “Ansar al-Sharia.” And many analysts saw at the outset that these organizations represent an attempt by the Salafist movement to adapt to new situations, and perhaps abandon violent Adiologith.

But Moroccan researcher Abdullah aimed shows that supporters of Sharia groups representing today, “arm Aladiologi” human resource and financial support to al-Qaeda armed. Magharebia sat down this dialogue with Bowler, a political analyst Moroccan Center for Social Sciences who specializes in affairs of Islamic groups, to discuss this new phenomenon and prospects.

Magharebia: Is the emergence of a number of new Salafist groups, and under the same name “Supporters of Sharia”, a coincidence or is it directed planning?

Abdullah effort: I do not think that it was just a coincidence. It certainly result planning and management in order to re-acclimate Jihadist Salafist movement with the new situation created by the Arab Spring revolutions in the region.

This is confirmed by several indicators, including forums organized, and that leaders were behind these initiatives, which are mostly of icons with a history of jihadist jihad in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

As for the name, I think he responds to bin Laden’s commandment before his death, in which he requested from his group to change the name of the rule and choose a new name soon to be popular conscience of Muslims. It seems the name “Supporters of Sharia” very appropriate for this purpose, due to the strong symbolism and signed by the religious sentiment in the Muslim community. The choice of this name is therefore not random but is the result of planning and consensus, was chosen on the basis of strong significance and symbolism.

With reference to the name itself is not new, it has already to Abu Hamza al-Masri, who is currently detained in Britain and required in Yemen and America in terrorist crimes, that was the same name to organize a pro-base established in London after returning from Afghanistan in 1994. Was Abu Hamza aspires to make it “Supporters of Sharia” a global organization with branches in many countries. Magharebia: Is it just a change in the name of the rule as proposed by bin Laden or that these new groups sign of a rupture between the Salafists and the global al-Qaeda network?

Ramie: versa there is no break. فجماعات “Supporters of Sharia” and “al-Qaeda” in my view, are two sides of the same coin. And supporters of Sharia is a sophisticated step, which is an extension of a lawsuit for al-Qaeda. Meaning they fall into what can be considered a re-formulation of the relationship between the Salafist jihadist and Islamic societies.

فالميل the absolute rule of the fulcrum entirely on violence and armed action, judging organization ebb and regression.

The supporters of Sharia movement came exactly in order to get rid of this restriction and isolation suffered by becoming the norm. This is meaningful and will bin Laden called on his followers to think in a new version of the organization being able to return to the community, with a new face, that would be acceptable popular, but without abandoning the ideological Jihad Salafi, without any do intellectual audits.

Magharebia: What are the reasons for this decline in your opinion in support of al-Qaeda?

Effort: the most important reasons is the media’s abandonment of the role of the promotion of the base and the intensification of the blockade on military and security structures and symbols. Al Qaeda in its beginnings was very dependent on satellite TV coverage of major operations as a way to export its name and the transfer of messages and the promotion of the organization in the Islamic countries, and in doing so expand the circle of sympathizers and supporters in these countries. Add course to the role of literature base on the Internet.

However, the blows received by the base and the intensification of the military siege and the security and media, and the decline of its operations, making a growing organization known ebb since 2004, to the degree circle supporters and became more active sympathizers of al-Qaeda itself.

From here came to think of the necessity to find a new formula for organizing betting on the invitation as a way to expand and penetrate and implantation in the community, through the exploitation of rostrums and opportunities social and charitable work near people. Has contributed to the Arab Spring heavily in this transformation by providing the sidelines of a larger movement of Salafist groups with margin expansion of freedoms and rid communities of the region of iron security grip of the former dictatorship systems. Magharebia: What is the nature of relations between al-Qaeda and supporters of the law? Are there organizational ties between the central leadership?

Effort: the primary link between the two is the Impact of organizations. Vonsar Sharia all intersect إديولوجيا with al-Qaeda, and all profess allegiance to al Qaeda, although there is no organizational links.

This is clear, as in Yemen, where al-Qaeda along with the Ansar al-Sharia, they are in fact the same, but organizationally separate, and each one of them his own. In conclusion we can say that the supporters of Sharia are structured Aladiologi arm of the Salafi jihadist, al Qaeda represents armed military arm.

Magharebia: What are the prospects for political supporters of the law?

Aimed at: a political system that preach these groups is to establish a system of succession to the form of the Taliban, and that the path of jihad. Salafi logic rejects all manifestations of politics and civil aspects of civilian rule. Vonsar Sharia can not accept democracy, because democracy has come a woman to rule, as can be come Blabrala or Christian, this can not be accepted by Salafis never. They will not accept without the rule of law, and the rule of law in their perception is a model application of the Taliban.

This can be seen in the areas seized by the Salafis, in Mali, Somalia and Yemen, because of the weakness of the central states and the fragility of political systems. They do not go out in their behavior in these areas for the governance and management style of the Taliban, the same formula, there is nothing new.

The most important thing for them is to create a moral police of enjoining what is good and forbidding what is wrong, then fight or burning shops selling videos and wine shops, in addition to the separation of men from women, and review of education programs and remove all the material which they consider contrary to the law.

We are facing the same specifications of the Taliban regime.

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