Sue magazine Tunisian children learned bomb-making

Posted on October 10, 2012


Director of the “rainbow” apologized and admitted to “unintentional error”
Wednesday – 10 October 2012
Arab. Net
Decided by the Ministry of Women and Family in Tunisia sue the owner of the Journal of the children after Tunisian published a detailed article about how to make the article “cocktails” cocktails, which are used in the demonstrations.

The magazine published the famous children in Tunisia “rainbow” in its edition number “302” article shows how to make the article “cocktails” serious, which sparked widespread criticism across social networking sites.

The Interior Ministry said: “Given the seriousness of what was published in the magazine for children, they decided to file a lawsuit against the magazine and publishing house and all of those involved in the publication of the article.”

And assumed the commissioner general for the Protection of Children ministry Mr. correspondent and agent Aljmھorیh Tunis accidentally sent a public lawsuit against the Tunisian company for publishing and graphic arts in the person of legal Mmthelھa against all those involved in the subject.

The Minister of Women’s Affairs arrows Paddy that “the ministry is working currently Alyaanchae first independent body to protect the rights of the child and allow the child to judicial Atugeaaly, and therefore sued each violations Ttanthec the rights.”

And social networking sites quoted, director of the magazine apologized what Badr him, and admitting the error, which occurred “inadvertently”, will suffice.

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