LULAC claims White House commitment

Posted on October 10, 2012


October 8, 2012
“The White House pledged to work with the results, whether they be victorious Statehood or Independence”
A commission for the League of United Latin American Citizens of the United States (LULAC, for its acronym in English) in recent days discussed the details of the status plebiscite next November 6, to assess how the Congress should work with the results of that consultation .

The meeting was intended to make clear the word added President Barack Obama to abide by the will of the people no matter what the results obtained.

“The White House pledged to work with the results, whether it be winning statehood or independence,” said Dr. Luis Garriga Stang, a member and advisor to the Puerto Rico Chapter of LULAC.

“Among the issues discussed, we saw the possibility to occur confusing results, eg, to win the ‘Yes’ with more than 50 percent and win statehood with more than 50 percent. What to do then? So what would be done-as agreed by the members of the committee, the recommendation is to use the Task Force, where they-the federal-law would have to produce a report to Congress sponsored plebiscite, “said Garriga.

LULAC The commission emphasized the commitment made by Barack Obama in enforcing the will of the Puerto Rican voters in this referendum, leaving aside the possibility of having to work on the issue with the Republican candidate Mitt Romney, should be elected.

“LULAC will bring the idea. Now, for example, if Romney wins, he is committed to statehood and that’s another story. We are talking about the Obama White House. To be clear, that no matter who wins, the Task Force will continue to operate as it did at the time under the Clinton, Bush and now Obama, “said the interviewee.

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