Turkey continues its shelling of Syrian soil without NATO mandate

Posted on October 5, 2012


Jerry Dandridge
– October 4, 2012
Yesterday, there were further bomb attacks in Syria, carried out by the Western-backed groups of armed terrorists and Islamists. This time, the bomb attacks took place in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. The economic center of Syria that gets further destroyed by the U.S.-supported religious fanatics and mercenaries.

The bomb attacks in the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) claimed the lives of many Syrians. The next tragic evidence that the imperialistic powers do not care about civilians as long as they reach their questionable goals.

The northern Syrian city of Aleppo, which is also the trade center of this country, was again hard hit by several bombings in the early morning; these bomb attacks ravaged the central square, Sadallah al-Jabri, which is known by all Syrians and also by a lot of tourists, of course.It is assumed that the bomb attacks in Aleppo have cost the life of 40 persons while over 100 Syrians were injured. It seems that the target of this horrible attack was an officer`s club on the central square of Aleppo. After the Western-backed Islamists and fighters have destroyed a huge part of the historical bazaar (market) of this formerly beautiful Syrian city of Aleppo, they have now damaged and destroyed the next beautiful and historic place in this city. Scorched earth.

When one is not able to occupy an area, one destroys it. These tactics are known. The inhabitants of the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) feel the horrible vengeance of frustrated armed terrorists and radicals daily because the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) cannot carry out really forceful actions against the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo and is absolutely on the losing side. That`s why these Western-backed mercenaries and groups of foreign fighters, mixed with some radical Syrians, rely on bomb attacks, terrorism, snipers and guerilla fighting. In addition of the “Scorched earth” tactics.

The Western-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), that is supported by so-called democratic governments like Germany, France, Italy, in addition to the U.S., Israel, and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also by parts of the Lebanese government and, indeed, by the U.S.-backed Jordanian king, have already threatened the inhabitants of Aleppo.

Who does not join the side of the opponents of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will regret this. Months ago, the inhabitants of Aleppo (Halab) tried to keep out of this conflict or sided with the Syrian government. But now, after the recent weeks, they are in the middle of this conflict and their city is further destroyed from day to day by the fights.

The urban warfare is difficult for the Syrian Arab Army, but after the last 18 months, the Syrian Arab Army has increased its skills in urban warfare and the Western-backed fighters of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) have no real chance anymore, except their real acts of terrorism and inhuman violence.

Most of the riots until the summer of this year were not big and were mainly carried out by foreign students from Idleb (Idlib) and other Syrian areas, in addition to some inhabitants of Aleppo from districts that are known to be very religious. For example, these riots caused time by time problems at the University of Aleppo, which was previously intended.

But since a few weeks, the fighting takes place in the once thriving metropolis of Syria, everything gets destroyed. For the West, the condemnation of the events in Syria is still very simple and the imperialistic powers still try to maintain their propaganda:

Assad’s troops are the bad ones that devastate not only everything in Syria but also kill civilians without any hesitation, while the al Qaeda guys, mercenaries and radicals are dissidents, who oppose the killers of the Syrian government.

But to be honest, this simple white and black drawing is not true and the West makes it too easy. It is far away from the truth, but Western “free media” does not care about this. Of course, there must be reasons why Western journalism fails through on so many levels. The Washington regime supports al Qaeda fighters in Syria. Nobody is further able to deny that. And that is just the tip of a huge iceberg.Many Islamists and foreign mercenaries who are smuggled into Syria from its neighboring countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are again and again responsible for brutal attacks, bomb attacks and massacre. They march hard through the Syrian streets while they plunder, kill and rape. Of course, the inhuman tactics of these Western-backed fighters and radicals just provoke the use of heavy artillery time by time. Other options are then no more possible.

The overall situation for the historical goods and the cultural highs of Syria is bad. This country, with all its important history, gets destroyed in order to pave the path to Iran. The imperialistic destabilization is the next huge war crime by Western leaders.

Not to mention that so-called Islamic states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar act like Marcus Junius Brutus. Not only in direction towards the Syrian people, but also towards the Palestinian people and all other Muslims worldwide. The Qatari and Saudi leaderships are betraying their Arab & their Muslim brothers since a very long time.

But back to the Western media. That the Syrian soldiers still mainly proceed reluctant, despite the violence and terrorism of these Western-backed fighting groups, is not reported. On the contrary, Western media still maintains the image of the monster, and if a strange allegation doesn`t work, they invent another.

Western “free media” repeatedly uses videos and strange sources as evidence of allegedly atrocities committed by the Syrian Arab Army, but without checking their accuracy. They willfully use dubious sources and strange videos. The representation of Syrians in Syria, of the Syrian government and other persons are not used and even get denounced as “propaganda” from the outset.

It is a good question which side uses more propaganda. And please, just remember the war against Iraq and the strange accusations. In addition, what was with Kosovo? The staged massacre by NATO? And so on. Western media always was the speaking hole of Western governments. Somebody should hold them accountable someday.The horrific bombings in Aleppo, and as reported by some sources, also the new terrorism in Deir az-Zour, were not the only disturbing and sad news from Syria. Throughout the day there were reports of attacks with grenades, carried out from Syrian soil, at the Turkish border town Akcakale. In this attack, a Turkish mother and her children were killed, several others were injured.

Considering the Turkish reports, the grenades were fired from the Syrian border town of Tel Abiad (Tell Abijad / Tel Abijad). A Syrian border town, partly occupied by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).It is still not clear who was really behind this attack. Considering all facts and information, this attack at the Turkish border town could have been carried out of both sides – either the Syrian Arab Army or the Western-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), e.g. to have a pretext for the final war against Syria. After the downed Turkish jet fighter some time ago, it could be just the next attempt to force a pretext.

As mentioned, when Western governments do not care about civilians as long as they reach their imperialistic goals, why should Erdogan care about some Turkish civilians at the border to Syria? And better, why should the supported “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), mainly not Turkish or Syrian but foreign, really care about these victims? But these questions and that the case is still open is totally irrelevant for the Western media, as usually.

With the events of yesterday, they only have new fodder in order to rush further against the Syrian government, without any investigation and to await its outcome. The Syrian border town of Tell Abjiad (Tel Abiad / Tel Abijad) is being fought over; here it comes again and again to fighting between the Syrian Arab Army and the armed fighters, mercenaries and Islamists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

Who can actually guarantee that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has not fired the grenades on Turkey to increase the provocations and to force the so long demanded military intervention and the establishment of a so-called “no-fly zone” and the famous humanitarian corridors along the Syrian-Turkish border? Nobody.

Who has advantages of an overarching conflict on Turkey and the blatant interference in Syrian affairs Turkey – The Syrian government certainly not. The Syrian government really is not interested to attack Turkey and the Turkish people; not to mention that Syria is not interested to attack a NATO member state.

One should understand yesterday’s attack as another deliberate provocation which should serve the interests of Western powers, in order to finally march on Syrian territory and to overthrow the Syrian government and the President Bashar al-Assad. False-Flag actions, staged massacres and other similar cases were often used in history to trigger a war. Nothing really new.

Just hours after the attack on the Turkish border town, a NATO special session was convened and, no surprise, Washington feels connected to Turkey. Even less surprising are the words from the White House, which had clarified once again, that the head of Assad has to roll (in the figurative or literal sense) and the U.S. wants to be ready for anything that is needed for this now.

Although Turkey scrapes with the hooves and has again received the (war) support of America, Germany currently seems to want to, at least, prevent an open war. The strange German Foreign Minister, Mr. Westerwelle, has condemned the attack though, but warned against a hasty reaction and especially of an escalation of the situation. This also means that the German government will be taken through the wringer in the upcoming days, in order that it reconsiders its anti-war rate. As usually. And be not surprised when the tones of the German Foreign Policy will suddenly change from one hour to another. The German government was blackmailed since the beginning in Syria by the American government.

The clearer the West recognizes that the previously used strategy of a “silent war”, e.g. the “export” of mercenaries to Syria and the support from all kinds of radical and Islamist groups in Syria, does not work, the louder the war cries of some Western governments. For example, the governments of France and England.

But nothing will happen before the elections in the United States. The war criminal Barack Obama is not interested in a really open war against Syria. At least, not yet, but probably after Barack H. Obama got eventually re-elected. Perhaps the Ottoman Erdogan regime of Turkey is interested in a solo run – with the help of the Qatari and Saudi regime? Time will tell, although the risk for a real solo run by the Turkish Erdogan regime is low. And not to mention Iran and the reaction of the Iranian government.

The situation is currently more than tricky. One can only hope that the Syrian government will follow its own warnings and tries to stay rational and calm, despite continuous shelling from Turkey in which several Syrian soldiers have been already killed.

Turkey is determined to force a NATO mandate and railed against Syria, a letter was addressed to the UN Security Council and wants support in the measures in order to eliminate the “threat to Turkey”. A farce. This next (false-flag?) attempt by Turkey to get the backing by the UN Security Council and by NATO will fail, it has already failed once and even now, it is hardly likely to bring other results.

The conflict and situation in Syria will not end as long as the West and some Gulf States think it is useful to meddle in the affairs of a sovereign state as extreme as it is still happening. But it still seems that the Western imperialistic powers have no real interest to bring peace to Syria. They still stick to their imperialistic and even Zionistic aims in the Middle East and still receive help by Qatar and Saudi Arabia

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