“Human Rights” accuses Hamas of torture and arbitrary detention Palestinians

Posted on October 4, 2012


October 04, 2012
Dubai – Al Arabiya
Accused the organization of “Human Rights Watch” Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip to exercise large-scale violations of human rights.

The organization spoke in a report consisting of 43 pages for arbitrary practices carried out by Hamas, including torture, arbitrary detention and unfair trials.

The organization said that security devices Hamas did not inform the relatives on the whereabouts of detainees and arrests and violate the rights of lawyers.

She stressed that the Palestinians are facing serious violations in the Gaza Strip since the Hamas takeover by the year 2007 is in the arbitrary detention, torture and unfair trials, and that Hamas authorities have failed to prosecute security officials, but gave them immunity to impunity, demanding that Hamas implement urgent reforms to the criminal justice system

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