Baker: armed groups backed by the United States and Turkey went to Syria to commit terrorist acts

Posted on October 4, 2012


Said Brian Baker, general coordinator of the Lancer coalition of anti-war: The semantics of Aleppo bombings is that armed groups supported by Turkey and the (NATO) and the United States went to commit terrorist acts.
In an interview with Channel «Russia Today» Baker said: The Syrian government is addressing the terrorists are trying to have a foothold in several areas according to what you want them an administration that does not want anything but to achieve opposition to a military victory with preventing surround any possibility for negotiations in this phase.
The Baker that the cause of backwardness Arabia for sessions quadripartite meeting is a clear message that came from the U.S. administration to its allies and puppet governments have and included rejection of any kind of negotiations on resolving the crisis in Syria because it is involved in coordination with the Syrian opposition and groups armed to prolong the war in Syria.
Baker, that the Declaration of American foreign unwillingness to intervene militarily in Syria and sufficiency providing support is not fatal for the opposition means that the United States will do everything except send Marines including coordination with the armed groups to do anything in Syria, which means turning this support to support a murderer.
He pointed Baker that the American people do not want any direct intervention in Syria, as the U.S. government was concerned because of the steadfastness of Russia and China بمعارضتهما any intervention and therefore realize that if they entered into a new conflict it will reverse the conflict in Libya, where you will find international players new waiting and this difficult matter Therefore resorted to work to support the armed groups and the demand from Qatar and Saudi Arabia to support it.
Baker said: There is a fear and concern large the Turkish people who do not want any war with Syria In contrast there is a government Turkish puppet of the West and represents an extension of the alliance of the (NATO) is working to coordinate and arrange specific actions on the border be a prelude to military intervention is real.

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