When America has honored the Prophet Mohammed 77 years ago – The Prophet of Islam is depicted holding the Qur’an

Posted on October 3, 2012


Mural at the headquarters of the most important constitutional body in the United States describe the Prophet greatest legislators
Monday, – October 01, 2012

London – Kamal Qubeisi

America thirties of the last century was different from today with Islam, In last week arrested eliminate the American of Egyptian origin, Nacola Basile Nacola, for violating the conditions of his release issue defraud the bank two years ago, not to produce a film Salt because of the blood and the harms of the Prophet, which has America itself honored 77 years ago, and at the headquarters of the most important judicial body in the United States.

The honor was 10 years ago quite historic meeting took place in February 1945 aboard the battleship U.S. in Bitter Lakes through the Suez Canal, and was among the founder of Saudi Arabia, King Abdul-Aziz, and was elected by Americans head 4 times in a row starting from 1932 until his death in the beginning of his fourth term, two months after the meeting, which is famous Franklin Roosevelt, the commander of the Allied victory over the Nazis even though he had seats and paralyzed, and described the most important 3 U.S. presidents.

The award also time Charles Evans Hughes, a politician and an American lawyer, died in 1948 at 86 years he lived from the post to another, was governor of New York and Minister of Foreign Affairs and a candidate with no luck for the presidency, even solved by backpacker position sensor, which President since 1930 throughout the 9 years of the Supreme Constitutional Court In the United States, the body which in 1935 has honored the greatest prophet.

Mus his left and his right hand the sword of justice and the laws

Picture of the poster in the window artist Adolph Alexander Ainman
Picture of the poster in the window artist Adolph Alexander Ainman

They honored the board decorative holes Alttrizi, informed “Arab. Net” on the details of the entire site the same court, which is the American artist of German origin, Adolf Alexander and Ainman, and contains Tsoeriaat persons adjacent been installed to the right room judges in the northern wall of the headquarters of the Supreme Court, and deliberately and Ainman that carries the Noble copy his left from the Koran containing inspired by the sky, and his right hand Amichq sword as a symbol of the power of justice and laws.

The bottom embroidery parietal reported confession written by the most important constitutional body to the Americans that “the Prophet Muhammad and one of the greatest legislators in the world, and that the Koran provides the main source of law, and the Prophet Muhammad explained the education and promotion of the Koran” and the Prophet only between 9 contained mural on their names, while contained a similar mural southern wall of the court on the Prophets Moses and Solomon.

It seems that the artist, who died in 1952 and filmed the fossil and sculptural of the most important symbols of the United States, wanted by adding words from him in the text below embroidery wall, such as respect for him the feelings of Muslims, according to suggest the same text, he emphasized that the drawing “does not show any similarity character (Prophet ) Muhammad, and that Muslims strongly averse of any representation sculptural prophet. ”

The mural Astmdoa “poster” Tkbera Department of honor, who publishes “Arab. Net” in his own image, Vanchr between surfers a day in the social networking sites without clarification of the details and backgrounds.
Muhammad (c. 570 – 632) The Prophet of Islam. He is depicted holding the Qur’an. The Qur’an provides the primary source of Islamic Law. Prophet Muhammad’s teachings explain and implement Qur’anic principles. The figure above is a well-intentioned attempt by the sculptor, Adolph Weinman, to honor Muhammad and it bears no resemblance to Muhammad. Muslims generally have a strong aversion to sculptured or pictured representations of their Prophet.

Should Muslims draw offense at this when done by a non-Islamic society, not to disparage but to honor?

Wikipedia entry elaborates why Muhammad on the frieze is now Muhammad who is no longer Muhammad, but still Muhammad:

In 1997, a controversy erupted surrounding the frieze, and tourist materials have since been edited so they call the depiction “a well-intentioned attempt by the sculptor to honor Muhammad” that “bears no resemblance to Muhammad.”[54] In 1955, a statue of Muhammad was removed from a courthouse in New York City after the ambassadors of Indonesia, Pakistan, and Egypt requested its removal.

The reason why Muhammad’s likeness is not to be depicted in art has to do with the fear of Muslims falling into the trap of idolatry; not in regards to his depiction by infidels as a result of harmless ignorance or due to intentional ridicule and caricature.

In my opinion, the irony is that all this outrage and obsessing over Muhammad drawings by even one person on the planet (especially by a non-Muslim) smacks of worship and idolatry on the part of the follower of Islam. If Muhammad is supposedly regarded by Muslims as a non-divinity, they have a funny way of expressing it when they are as outraged by insults to the Prophet Muhammad as they are with any mishandling or defilement of the Quran (regarded as the literal word of God in the original Arabic). Such defense elevates the status of Muhammad from human to divine being. He’s too holy to have his likeness captured in imitation that is called art.

Muhammad himself warned Muslims against exaggerating his importance:

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