Popular Mexican priest murdered

Posted on October 3, 2012


Published: September 27, 2012
Hundreds of people have gathered in Mexico for the funeral of Fr Teodoro Mariscal Rivas,(Padre Toto)  who was found murdered in his own home in the area of Santa Fe, reports the Independent Catholic News.

The priest, 45, was born in Tala, Jalisco, and had the pastoral care of the church of Santa Cecilia, which is within the territory of the parish of Santo Nino de la Salud, in the district of Mochicahui, towards the central part of the Gulf of California, Mexico. After the funeral, the priest was buried in Jalisco his home town.

Initial police reports indicated that Fr Rivas was found on the morning of September 20 in his home, bound hand and foot, with a bag on his head that caused the suffocation. The murder allegedly took place between September 18-19. His car is among the valuable things which has not been found.

The funeral Mass was presided by the Vicar General of the diocese, Mgr Juan Ruiz, who has asked the authorities  to investigate the murder.

“We all need to pray for the priests, and to pray so that God leads to repentance those who take the lives of innocent people, they will not escape divine justice,” he said during the Mass.

Many members of the congregation paid tributes to Fr Teodoro, saying he had been a kind,  enthusiastic and joyful priest.

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