“Gaddafi was slain by order of Sarkozy”

Posted on October 3, 2012


02/10 Foreign Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi was not slain by a Libyan rebel, but by a French spy who supposedly worked for Nicolas Sarkozy. The then French president had “personal interest” in that Gaddafi the Libyan rebellion did not survive. Reported Sunday that the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, relying on anonymous Western diplomats.

Sarkozy would have been bored with the financial support he had received from Gaddafi during his election campaign in 2007.
Foreign intelligence

Earlier last week had Mahmud Jibril, former Prime Minister of the Libyan “Transitional Government”, in an interview on an Egyptian channel that the plot to murder by Gaddafi to “foreign intelligence” was elaborated.

In an interview with the British newspaper Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail also made ​​Rami al-Obeidi, former head of Libyan intelligence, clear that the entire operation to the colonel fled to the city of Sirte off, a French intervention was. Paris and London early last year shouted the loudest for military intervention in Libya to be the “people’s democrats” to support.

In his quest for Gaddafi got Paris said Obeidi, the support of the Syrian secret service, in October the whereabouts of the Libyan colonel betrayed, making NATO’s bombing was hiding.

According Obeidi “betrayed” Bashar al-Assad Gaddafi in exchange for the promise that France would try to increase international pressure on Syria because of the repression there to lighten.

The rebel with the “honor” went walking Gaddafi have been killed, the 22-year-old Ben Omran Shaaban, died last Monday in a hospital in France after by unknown, suspected Gaddafi supporters, was beaten and shot.

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