France is preparing for a military base in Libya near the Algerian border

Posted on October 3, 2012


Continue the French authorities, in the search intensified its military presence in the Sahel region of Africa, after efforts failed in the military intervention in Mali Here is preparing to establish a military base in Libya, according to Manglth sources foreign media yesterday, quoting a document of the Ministry of Defense Libyan a rule that will be used in the work اللوجيستيكي military in the Sahel region according to the same sources.

Embarked experts French military in the study of a project to establish a French military base on the Libyan territory, and document indicated by the same sources, the French military base in Libya may serve as a station for the transfer of means of support Alllogesta from French territory toward the coast, in the case of launching a military operation, so as to not use of airspace as Algeria, because of the refusal of the latter to the idea of ​​foreign military intervention in the region, and its adherence to mainly the right of sovereignty over its territory and airspace.

Thus France is looking for more military deployment in the Sahel region of Africa, especially with its failed search for international support for military intervention in Mali which intervention rejected by Algeria in toto, and supported by the major capitals in the forefront of the United States of America, where cross-commander of U.S. forces in Africa “AFRICOM” that his views are compatible and Algeria views with regard to the financial crisis.

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