Fast and Furious Weapons gunmen arrived in Honduras, Puerto Rico and Colombia

Posted on October 3, 2012


An investigation of the Hispanic network Univision and will be launched today, reveals that the failed U.S. covert operation called “Fast and Furious”, which allowed the smuggling of about 2000 guns to Mexico in 2009, which has caused dozens of deaths , also reached Honduras, Puerto Rico and Colombia, which have been detected by hired guns used in these Latin American nations.

Gerardo Reyes, director of research at the station, said through a special program entitled “Here and Now” will present new details of the operation “Fast and Furious” that applied Snuff Agency, Alcohol and Firearms U.S. (ATF), to track drug lords responsible for arms trafficking in Mexico.

“The idea is to show the unknown face of the operation that caused dozens of deaths in Mexico and in the U.S. that focused on the investigation of whether there was cover-up by the Department of Justice,” Reyes said by telephone.

CONTROVERSY. The scandal erupted when this operation in December 2010 found two guns from the operation in the place where he was killed American agent Brian Terry, near the border between Arizona and Mexico.

“We managed to identify a document of the Mexican military in recognizing that at least three similar operations weapons were found in a slaughter in Juarez (Chihuahua) that killed 16 boys,” said Reyes.

OBJECTIVE. Likewise, research on Univision, which tracks the serial numbers of the weapons and other crosses used in other crimes, found that more weapons allegedly smuggled through Mexico, were found in Colombia, Honduras and Puerto Rico, where there is evidence of its use in crimes by thugs of these nations.

Reyes said that “the objective of the program is to open the door to further investigation of the tragic effect of the operation ‘Fast and Furious'”.

DESTINATION. “At bottom, and sounds a bit harsh to say, the success of ‘Fast and Furious’ depends largely on the weapons used. And in Mexico, the weapon used to kill, not to hunt. That’s what this type of incident operations, “he said.

Furthermore, the research director of the television said “the only way they had the ATF agents demonstrate to whose hands the weapons had arrived was waiting to see what the crime scene were”.

During the investigation, Univision spoke to several informants and agents who respond to these charges to make sure to “make an omelet you have to break several eggs”, which according to Reyes reflects the “irresponsibility” of U.S. agents.

Operation “Fast and Furious” that began in the ATF office in Phoenix, Arizona, has allowed the purchase of more than 2,000 weapons worth about 1.5 million dollars from Mexican criminal gangs, many of which still not recovered.

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