Stock Neymar “crucified” sparks debate in Brazil

Posted on October 1, 2012


Saturday September 29, 2012
03:14 pm – Agencies:
The latest cover of the prestigious journal ‘Closet’ has generated much controversy in Brazil. It appears Neymar crucified. Placar magazine published this picture of Neymar crucified.
Sao Paulo,


The magazine specializes in Brazilian football, Placar, showed on its cover in October the Santos star and ‘Scratch du Ouro’, Neymar, when being crucified, which has generated much controversy in Brazil.

The magazine uses that image to take up the cudgels on behalf of the footballer accused of faking too on the lawn, and lead the eye into the dirty game that suffers from Santos. However, the image in the country has raised much dust media.

The Brazilian bishops protested today against Placar sports magazine for publishing on the cover of its October issue a montage of a photograph of the footballer Neymar with the body of “Christ rucificado” by Diego Velázquez. Placar accompanies the controversial image with the text “The Crucifixion of Neymar”, in which he argues that the player of Santos is the “scapegoat” of a game in which “everyone plays dirty.”

The bishops expressed “profound indignation” over the “misuse” of the image of Jesus Christ, in what he considered an example of “mockery of faith and disdain for religious sentiment of the people. Publication was at least insensitive the recent global scenario deplorable violence caused by the misuse of religious figures “, said the leadership of the Brazilian Catholic Church in a statement.

The Placar magazine website, the publisher in April, this cover included in a gallery of front pages edited controversies in his forty-year history. Brazil is mostly Christian: 64.6 percent of its population, some 123 million people are Catholic, and 22.2 percent-nearly 42 million people-are faithful evangelical faiths, as 2010 census data, released last June.

Cruyff starred as a similar case

A similar case occurred in Spain in 1977, when the magazine Don Balon ‘published on its cover a picture of Johan Cruyff, Barcelona player then crucified. Cruyff, Barça big star then, had been sent off in a match against Malaga at the collegiate Melero Gonzalez, one of the most talked about controversies of the decade. That expulsion provoked serious incidents in the Camp Nou and a one game suspension (later extended to three) of the Dutch player.

The Court number 13 of Barcelona ordered the preventive seizure of publication. The journalist José María García resigned as consulting editor of the journal, in the next issue, had to apologize.

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