“America against military intervention in Mali”

Posted on September 30, 2012


Stressed the supreme commander of the armed forces command U.S. Africa “AFRICOM” General “Carter Ham,” that “the United States is not an advocate of a military solution in Mali,” added General that “the priority for America now is a legitimate government in Bamako and re-word to the people of financial as well as need to ensure concerns of the citizens of northern Mali. ”

Ruled Gen. Carter Ham, commander of “AFRICOM”, the U.S. military presence in Mali, said during a press conference Nctha at the Embassy of the United States of America in Algiers that “the priority for America is the return of a legitimate government in Bamako a responsibility neighboring countries can contribute to it.”

And the possibility of rejection America to France’s proposal to intervene militarily in Mali during a session of the Security Council Re Gen. “Carter Ham”: “This is a political question more than military, and America prefer to resort to politics and diplomacy that the presence of hope in solving this crisis politically, and in the following case America may provide military support if necessary but first must sit all parties and armed groups on the dialogue table, but without the involvement of terrorist groups. ”

And how to distinguish between armed groups and terrorist is terrorist or where classified American movement supporters religion, answered Carter “that he came to Algeria is the purpose of gathering as much information as possible about the crisis Mali and around these armed groups that are active in this country and the way its activities and intentions of each one of them The opinion in resolving the crisis, “he continued this general” that Algeria is the only country that can give us a clear vision about what is happening in the financial and parties to the crisis and how to solve them politically, diplomatically, given its strategic location and briefed all happenings situation in the region and follow it. ”

For General American, the “Mali would rule on its fate in her hand and will have the last word during a meeting of the Security Council, and will confirm if they want military intervention in their country or objectionable,” The U.S. position in the event of a claim the Economic Community of West African States file of “AFRICOM” to intervene militarily individual Gen. important card “in this case can examine this request seriously,” but emphasized contrast “the United States military will not be present and would only provide support in the event of a financial obstacles to the parties interlocutors except for terrorist groups to the political solution.” The card is important, that “there are many risks that may result from military intervention in Mali, from worsening humanitarian situation of the population of northern Mali who suffer from a lack of water, food and many necessities of life as well as heavy presence of terrorist groups, and this would not be in favor of the region’s population whole. ”

Malik Raddad

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