Iraq : escape of about 100 prisoners most of al-Qaeda

Posted on September 29, 2012


Fleeing burned and their identity documents and files seized prison
Killing and wounding 63 people in the storming of the prison” Tikrit Tasfirat” Iraq
Saturday, September 29, 2012 Algeria: agency

Announced Iraqi security source in the police Salahuddin province, said yesterday that 63 people, mostly security personnel had been killed or wounded in the operation to storm a prison Tasfirat Tikrit in the outcome of a preliminary, which resulted in the escape of about 100 prisoners, media reports said most of al-Qaeda. The source explained yesterday that toll operation to storm a prison Tasfirat downtown Tikrit reached 12 people from the police, half-ranking officers different and soldiers, as well as injuring 30 policemen were injured, while killing 5 of prison inmates and injured 15 others, and pointed out that the security forces still impose a gasket around the perimeter of the prison, while continuing their search for escaped prisoners.
A member of the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the governor Zamili, said yesterday that the prisoners who escaped yesterday from a prison Tasfirat Tikrit, totaling 116 prisoners, they were able to burn all their documentation and seized files prison before escaping, pointing out that he was arrested on only 24 of them.
A source familiar with the Salahuddin provincial council, for the dismissal of the police chief of Salahuddin, and the appointment of former Diyala police chief instead.

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