U.S. Admiral J. Collin Kilrain, military attaché in Mexico House raided

Posted on September 28, 2012


September 27, 2012
. – A group of subjects raided the home of Admiral J. Collin Kilrain, U.S. military attaché in Mexico, on Saturday 22, according to a confidential report of the Ministry of Public Security of the Federal District.

That day, at 14:15 hours, the alarm was activated Kilrain’s residence, located in the Lomas de Chapultepec, and 10 minutes later arrived at the site City police, according to information published by the newspaper La Razon.

In its first report, the capital’s police recorded that “the time is not known whether an object was removed from the home,” said the newspaper.

He noted that in addition to the police, the house appeared Kilrain security managers of U.S. Embassy in Mexico, and Teofilo Serrano Michel Russo and researcher diplomatic representatives, Jorge Becerril Mendoza.

However, the incident was not reported to the public prosecutor, according to officials of the Attorney General of the Federal District.

Kilrain was named by the Pentagon as senior military attache in Mexico on December 12, 2011. The admiral also serves as an advisor in international terrorism U.S. President Barack Obama’s counterterrorism chief at the National Security Council in Washington.

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