Lebanese Christians kidnapped in Syria border town: conflicting information … And Fatykane interest

Posted on September 28, 2012


Beirut, the Vatican – Al-Hayat, UPI
Wednesday, September 26, 2012
There were conflicting reports yesterday, regarding the kidnapping of dozens of Lebanese citizens Christians in the Syrian town calf which is located in an area overlapping with the Lebanese border after crossing Jose against the Lebanese town of bottom, an agricultural area. He was Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Melkite Gregorios III Laham appeal to «all parties to respect civilians and save the lives of innocent people. The comment on calf news: «I ask God to help the poor and innocent.

A local source in the calf told «United Press International, The Syrian armed Lebanese and others kidnapped the day before yesterday, about 150 farmers while they were picking apples in the calf area, and took them to an unknown destination and did not know their fate until this moment.

The station announced «Manar» of the «Hezbollah» news kidnapped Lebanese in town, and hurried member bloc «Development and Liberation» parliamentary Ghazi Zaiter to hold a press conference in the parliament confirmed the news «kidnapped dozens of people calf Syrian overlapping with the Lebanese border by elements of the Free Syrian Army through these items to leak inside the Lebanese border.

Zuaiter asked: «How long will this Lebanese sovereignty sacked whether inside Lebanese territory or the Lebanese who live inside Syrian territory on the Lebanese-Syrian border of interlaced?».

He said that the kidnapping included «dozens of Lebanese youth and the elderly, children and women in the town of calf inside Syrian territory, immediately after the bottom. These captives of our brothers and our people from the Christian community who live in that town, where sectarian diversity, but the majority of the Christian Brothers.

He appealed to President Michel Suleiman and all concerned «to take a position in this regard, and asked:« What is the guilt of those Lebanese even been kidnapped and we do not know what their fate is. Especially to what is known as the Army free, or gangs, committing massacres and kill and kill without pity, no mercy, no deterrent of conscience, and the goal is to kill and inflict terror in the hearts of the citizens.

And returned Al-Manar and announced later, citing security sources to have been the release of 220 Lebanese citizens and Syria were kidnapped from calf.

The news agency United Press »a security source as« the gunmen are holding hostages at a school official Jose town near the Lebanese border, and they released the women this morning (yesterday). He said that information indicates that «kidnappers would demand a ransom or special demands for the release of hostages.


In the evolution of the incident, the agency announced «Fides ‘Vatican’ kidnapped in a calf Syrian village near the Lebanese border were farmers Melkite Catholics.

The agency quoted local sources as saying that «a major arrest operation for 150 Christian citizen of Melkite Catholic, caused a great shock to the residents of the village of calf on the Lebanese border and the city short in Homs.

The sources added «It’s about workers and peasants, youth, women, who were working in the fields, a few kilometers from the village, to reap the apple, which is a major source of livelihood for the local population.

The father of a kidnapped Agency: «We heard bursts and we came to the place to see what was happening, I saw in many of the buses and trucks taking people away, leaving nothing in the fields only apple boxes.

He pointed out that «this area was for months under the control of armed gangs in recent weeks we could not concern trees in the fields of insecurity, then thanks to the initiative of the Governor of Homs, appeared in improved conditions. He said: «We are a quiet village, close to the shrine of the prophet Elijah, who pray to him, Christians and Muslims, we do not want only to live in peace with everyone.

The agency said the Vatican that some Christian leaders are trying to contact local non-governmental organizations and international organizations for help in this tragic situation.

And calf away from the center of the Syrian public security a few meters, and its geographical footprint on the Orontes River in the west and lies on the main road. The Christian presence is an extension of the Christian presence in the bottom and top of Baalbek and fruit.

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