Iranian diplomat beaten in New York

Posted on September 28, 2012


Opponents attacked him when crossing a street close to the United Nations
September 27, 2012
Dubai – Musa Sharifi
Exposure Ramin Mehmanparast, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, insulted and beaten by Iranian dissidents in New York when he passed a street near the headquarters of the United Nations, according to the newspaper “New York Daily News” on Wednesday.

And aired some U.S. positions on the “YouTube” a film showing Mehmanparast photographer as he tried to escape from opponents, and could not police, who took him to protect them from reaching him, where he received a blow on his shoulder.

The newspaper quoted “New York Daily News,” to attack the opposition in the spectra abroad, the Iranian news agencies semi-official accused the MKO of being behind the attack.

Iranian opposition meets each year with the start of the activities of the General Assembly in front of the headquarters of the United Nations to protest against what it calls “flagrant violations of human rights and arbitrary executions and torture in Iran,” and chanting slogans against the regime of the Islamic Republic.

Iranian opposition gathered, led by the People’s Mojahedin Organization recently delete its name in the United States from the list of terrorist organizations since Monday 24 September / September of this in front of the UN headquarters in New York to protest and condemn the policies of the Islamic Republic on human rights issues and political freedoms.

The newspaper “The Wall Street Journal”, Thursday, Mehmanparast accident hit with pictures of the Syrian opposition during filed aware independence, where coalesced this year with the Iranian opposition and both sides shouted slogans want to drop the Syrian and Iranian regimes.

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