Free Syrian Army kidnapping of Lebanese citizens from the Syrian town calf

Posted on September 28, 2012


Zuaiter denounced the kidnapping of Lebanese citizens from the Syrian town calf
Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Denounced MP Ghazi Zaiter, in a statement today in the House of Representatives, kidnapped dozens of people calf nested Syrian-Lebanese border today by members of the Free Syrian Army through the leakage of these elements inside the Lebanese border.
Zuaiter asked: “How long will this Lebanese sovereignty sacked, whether inside Lebanese territory or the Lebanese who live inside Syrian territory on the Lebanese-Syrian border overlapping?”.

He said: “Yesterday, there was an attack on the Lebanese army was clearing a car filled with weapons, not even got an attempt to kidnap members of the Lebanese army in the Bekaa and Jarrod area Arsal. Today the oldest so-called army free the kidnapped dozens of Lebanese youth and the elderly, children and women in the town Riblah located inside Syrian territory, after the bottom directly. they make kidnapped these people do not know under any title, and said that because of emptying the region Syrian population displaced frankly, those abducted by the so-called Army of the Free Syrian are our brothers and our people from the Christian community who live in the that town, and, of course, this town where sectarian diversity, but the majority of the Christian brothers who were kidnapped by the dozens. ”
He Zuaiter: “This puts us all, in the forefront of the President of the Republic General Michel Sleiman, who Nnashidh also appeal to all concerned to take a position in this regard and to address these attacks, and today what is happening in Syria is known, but what guilt those Lebanese until abducted we do not know What is their fate. especially since the so-called Free Army, or gangs, committing massacres and kill and kill without pity, no mercy, no deterrent of conscience, and the goal is to kill and inflict terror in the hearts of the citizens. ”
He continued: “So we are in front of this new fact that I got in the town of calf Syrian and inhabited by Lebanese citizens, we must work to save them. We absolute reject these methods, but we also move towards first President of the Republic and official institutions and international and popular all to liberate these people and not to be subjected Lai Lebanese Syrian territory or inside Lebanon, and in particular those of our people and our brothers of the Christian community inside Syrian territory, particularly as we inform us abducting dozens of women and the elderly and children from the town located according to geographic region. there leakage and interference from the Lebanese border into Syrian border Open borders and drop them. ”

He said: “What is required of the Lebanese army that follows the border and watched, because there is a possibility of the presence of groups of so-called army free able to be in Lebanese territory across the infiltration and foot kidnappings and massacres, both in the town of calf or others, such as village Mzaria neighboring village calf, which is also witnessing some of the attacks, and to apply the principle of positive self-distancing and adhere to the principle of national sovereignty that نتغنى, it is better for us not to leave our borders loose, and let our people and our children residing inside Syrian territory in these villages nested vulnerable to these attacks and attacks. ”

In response to a question, said Zuaiter “that town calf is a town Syria occupied Lebanese and away from the center of Public Security Syrian few meters, and its geographical footprint on the Orontes River, west and 99 percent of the population of the Lebanese an agricultural area, located on the main road.”

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