Eastern border: Adjust weapons and kidnapping in the Syrian calf

Posted on September 28, 2012


Last Updated Friday 1:19 AM September 28,
Control of the Lebanese army, on Thursday evening, pickup truck carrying Lebanese panel near the bottom crossing, and on board 5 Syrians and Lebanese driver were trying to pass the crossing illegally. It turns out that the truck carrying military بأعتدة and military binoculars and radios and hand grenades, was heading towards the locality of projects bottom adjacent to the Syrian border. Security sources said the «News» The operation was carried out after monitoring the Lebanese army and intelligence to Lebanese groups and Syria conducts smuggling between Syria and Lebanon. It succeeded the monitoring and investigation work «in seizing large quantities of weapons and military equipment supplier for smuggling to Syria. The information revealed «News» that the Lebanese security forces «achieved an important success in prosecutions for groups smuggle weapons and fighters deployed in the rugged El-areas at the edge of the border with Syria. She added that the announcement of these achievements «will be gradually after the arrest of the accused red-handed according to a security plan put scenario already implemented and working on the ground.
The security sources said that the Lebanese army and intelligence forces deployed on the edge of the border with Syria «ended put the strengths and weaknesses of the security work in pursuit of militants who cross the border between the two countries. The survey revealed that groups in the Lebanese security forces monitored the movements of military non-Lebanese fighters near the Lebanese border, and that the scope of their presence is geographically inside Syrian territory, and ‘follow their movements to prevent them from slipping into Lebanese territory.
In Syria border developments, proceeded Syrian armed groups kidnapped 162 Syrian citizens of the town’s population calf Christianity, which lies on the borders of Lebanon about three kilometers. He was released yesterday afternoon for all citizens after negotiations conducted by notables calf with leaders of armed groups. The citizens of the calf, in connection with the ‘news’, about 250 citizens from their village were working in the apple harvest season on the outskirts of the calf, was kidnapped and transported agricultural Balyatem and left the women and children. They added that the abductees returned to citizens calf walk from Jose without exposure to one of them. He said a citizens calf The free army told them «we will be free under the protection of the army after the decline of the presence of the regular army. The Syrian army has tightened its control of the calf and drove the free Army them about a month ago, and retained the two positions inside the besieged town of four sides of the army.
Church sources confirmed Lebanese political and that among the hostages freed Lebanese and Lebanese fighters led to the abduction.

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