Warn of potentially deadly new drug among U.S. youth

Posted on September 26, 2012


25/09/2012 – 04:41 PM
Dallas, USA. – A potentially deadly new drug called 2C-I, or “Smiles”, detected in 2011 in the United States, is gaining popularity among young though to be responsible for dozens of overdoses and deaths in the last year .

The drug, synthetic design, is sold as a white powder that can be blended with a sweet or chocolate before being ingested or inhaled.

The chemical acts as a psychedelic hallucinogen similar to LSD and ecstasy and appears to be especially attractive for teenagers, group according to the American Association of Poison Control, has more than half of its users.

2C-I is the latest synthetic drug class to appear in the United States, then that in recent years this type of chemicals, such as “K-2,” bath salts “or” spice “, have become popular among the youth of this country.

Its ingredients are relatively easy to obtain and mix until the middle of this year had remained as legal compounds.

2C-I was declared illegal, just last July, following the enactment by President Barack Obama, the Prevention of Abuse of synthetic drugs.

Following the enactment of the law, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) launched “Operation Log Jam”, a coordinated effort to attack in 90 cities across the country dozens of small suspected clandestine laboratories where the drug was manufactured and other type synthetic.

The first death ascribed to this drug in Texas, was in Houston last June, a month before it was declared illegal substance.

Schoolmeyer Kevin Anthony, 21 years old, was driving to drop two of his friends at home after attending a party.

According to the autopsy report, which includes the testimonies of witnesses, Schoolmeyer began to hallucinate and then became violent and started beating them and then start the car interior accessories and die soon after in the driver’s seat.

Since then, there have been in Houston four other cases, including that of a 15 year old boy, who died half an hour after returning home after attending a party.

Testimonies of young drug users, left on YouTube, the online video site, argue that “psychedelic trips” that result after consuming ‘Smiles’ (Smiles) can last from a few hours to several days and are described as being wander like a “roller coaster through hell.”

The effects of 2C-I are similar to a combination of LSD and Ecstasy, but more intense.

Authorities suspect that the overdose caused by this drug are becoming more common as 2C-I is produced by “amateurs” and street dealers who get online to manufacture chemicals, regardless of measurements or other control.

During an overdose, consumer muscles of 2C-I tend to become rigid and your body temperature rises.

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