Syria: Gregory III Laham announces kidnapped 240 Greek-Catholics

Posted on September 26, 2012


“Vatican Radio” has reported the statement by the Greek-Catholic Patriarch of Damascus
vatican insider staff

All 240 Greek Melkite faithful who were kidnapped today near the Syrian village of Rableh, situated between the Lebanese border and the city of Qusayr, in the Syrian province of Homs. Gregory III Laham communicated the news to Vatican Radio.

The patriarch explained that the reasons for the kidnapping are not yet clear: “There is a large community of Greek-Catholic faithful in Rableh, they are the majority: there are Marronites and Alawis. The Alawis are the main sore point. There is a tendency to get Christians involved in order to make the problem a religious one and create a civil war between the various communities.

This is what we must avoid at all costs. We patriarchs, bishops and politicians must do all that we can to prevent a civil war and a war among brothers.”

The patriarch said this was a way of exploiting religion and this episode was an attempt to involve Christians, above all, in order to resolve problems between the various non-Christian communities, dragging Christians into the problems that exist between Muslims.”

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