United States on islands of Sicily and Greece in the event of a military strike

Posted on September 25, 2012


America intensify its intelligence activities against terrorists in North Africa
United States intensified its activities intelligence produced in North Africa after the control of armed groups in northern Mali, and its quest for the application of Islamic law by force on the region’s population, despite their rejection of the presence of these elements on their land. Revealed the Italian news agency “Acai”, that U.S. intelligence has increased its intelligence produced significantly over the recent period with the increasing control of armed groups in the region and its threat to U.S. interests, especially after the latest bombing, which involved a U.S. embassy in Benghazi, who succeeded killing its ambassador and three diplomats there.

The agency quoted official sources as saying that “there is significant activity for the CIA in the North African region; to monitor the movements of armed militant groups and cells linked to al-Qaeda.” The same sources said that “the possibility of a military strike selective points are not subject to the sovereignty and national real in that region” through the use of the base to fly air on the island of Sicily in the planning and support of American power, but without the participation of NATO and Italy. ”

The United States of America recently purchased islands of Greece, to be used in intelligence missions against extremist groups in the region, and invested as logistic bases in case you decide to launch a military strike.

Fatima Hamadi

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