Clinton reassured Egypt Morsi on U.S. aid

Posted on September 25, 2012


The United States has provided aid to Mubarak an annual $ 1.3 billion
September 25, 2012
NEW YORK – Reuters
Reassured U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said the United States would press ahead with plans to expand economic aid, despite protests from anti-American casts new on U.S. relations with the region.

A senior official said the U.S. State Department said Clinton met with Egyptian president in New York, on Monday, where he will attend the two meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations this week, and confirmed the continuation of the Obama administration’s commitment to providing military and economic aid to Cairo.

The official said in the wake of the meeting, which lasted 45 minutes: “What I heard from the minister is that it is committed to the implementation of what we said we’re going to do.”

The U.S. official said that Clinton, who has a personal endeavor to persuade lawmakers to keep the U.S. aid to Egypt and other Arab countries in the course believes that these fears are dispelled.

He added: “Of course, we understand that there may in Congress questioned on aid, but there is strong bipartisan support because the check Egypt Democratic success at it in the interest of our national security to happen.”

The official added, “The Egyptians have a long road and hard to accomplish budget reforms that will be necessary and do so in a way that will help them in the BIOS feet democratic Bamlathm”.

Clinton discussed the Mursi also security issues, including the escalation of the threat posed by militants in the Sinai Peninsula, an area vital to Egypt’s relations with its neighbor Israel.

The U.S. official said that the Mursi select in his talks with Clinton his government’s plans to implement economic reforms as part of a broader effort to win a package of loans worth $ 4.8 billion from the International Monetary Fund and supported by the United States.

The United States was a close ally of Egypt under Mubarak and provide military aid worth $ 1.3 billion annually to Egypt in addition to other assistance.

The aid package stalled over the last eighteen months of unrest in Egypt, and it seems that the decline reflects the cautious progress of American doubts about Mursi Muslim who was elected president in June.

There are no plans that meet Mercy President Barack Obama during a brief visit of U.S. President to the United Nations headquarters on Tuesday.

The U.S. official said that Clinton and Morsi also addressed the issue of Iran, but noted that United States Sttrat in support the proposal Mercy that are Iran, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, a new group to try to find a solution to the violence in Syria.

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