Saudi Arabia and Qatar insist on arming Syrian opposition

Posted on September 24, 2012


Strong competition between the “coordinating body” and “National Council”

Initiatives peaceful solution does not satisfy the most international actors in the Syrian crisis, notably Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which insist on fueling conflict in Syria between the regime and the opposition over funding the opposition and supplying arms, while there has been no comment from the party, Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, on the initiative proposed coordinating body during its last “sudden” meeting in the Syrian capital Damascus, although Turkey has an important role in the Syrian scene.

Revealed National Congress called for many factions of the Syrian opposition in Mekdmthma Authority national coordination, many gaps International about intentions and specifically Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, which are considered the most influential in the scene Syrian nearly two years, amid fierce battles in the Syrian cities and thousands of deaths from civilians and insurgents, silence which overwhelmed the officials of these countries on a peaceful solution initiatives proposed by the Conference CCAMLR coordination, reflect the fact the desire of the nations community in the Syrian crisis is not resolved peacefully.

Even session 67 for the General Assembly of the United Nations, which is scheduled to begin the first its day, did not refer to the initiative peaceful solution and stopped when examining initiatives “Conference Syria’s friends” described by the coordinating body as initiatives biased and carry a hidden agenda, and do not serve the unity of Syria said Haitham Manna chief of coordination who was unable to attend in person to participate in the Damascus conference: “Conference Friends Syria represents pole given it serves parties especially for this reason has boycotted by the body for several times and confirm the international community to solve the Syrian crisis through the initiative of Syria’s friends aimed at the destruction of Syria, and destroyed the country and the army and the state, because only a simple soldier was killed for being a member of the regular army is unacceptable. ”

Did not ignore the Syrian opposition, which was held in Damascus question departure “the Assad regime” for judgment, a request which was formed Syrian opposition and its various consensus around it, but the initiative’s National Congress called him factions of the Syrian opposition in the National Conference to save Syria, held in Damascus, confirmed the need to be the solution for peacefully and not through foreign interference or arming the opposition, which leads to further bloodshed Syrian people every day.

The Conference stressed the need for an initiative UN envoy and the Arab Lakhdar Brahimi, through emphasis on the need to hold an international conference on Syria to discuss ways to begin transition to ensure the transition to a pluralistic democracy, to be the idea of ​​departure system with all its symbols and supporting infrastructure is the foundation of the initiative, as stated in the text of the final statement for the opposition, which was released yesterday: “The overthrow of the regime with all its symbols and supporting infrastructure including means and ensures building a democratic state and civil emphasize the peaceful struggle as a successful strategy to achieve the goals of the revolution.” Faced with this Almnarj new Authority decided national coordination Syrian opposition accessible to discuss a different solution to the crisis, divided the international community about the option of military intervention has fallen largely under the influence of a Russian veto and Chinese, while reluctant to Turkey for waving paper impose area attended Joy in Syria in still Saudi Arabia and Qatar specifically Taatmscan military solution and Tmzian toward arming, training and funding Syrian opposition armed, as referred to in the reports of security and intelligence produced and even field information that reveals “negative role” which is still played by those countries to block peaceful solutions despite the high death toll to about a quarter million Syrian citizen and the high number of displaced also to about half a million Syrians, still face the unknown fate after the destruction of many Syrian cities because of the war and aerial bombardment, which the Syrian army to cleanse the cities who he describes as “terrorists.”

On the other hand Initiative is coordinating body step competitive against “Syrian National Council” which is wing’s most prominent Syrian opposition, which sees the initiative put forward by President Mohamed Morsi on the Quartet to find a solution to the crisis, the Syrian which comprises Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, despite what ails regional equations of a clear imbalance, large and non-effective balance to develop solutions to the crisis raging for more than 18 months.

Allal Mohammed

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