Mexico City Calls to seize U.S. Embassy for visa facilities

Posted on September 24, 2012


24.09.2012 | Creation Time: 14:38:08 |

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City called on travelers who are interested in obtaining or renewing your visa to take the immediate availability of interviews and agenda an appointment this week.

In a statement, the U.S. embassy said that there are hundreds of appointments available for the week of 24 to 28 September so that, if desired, chances of getting a visa interview at the date and time that best suits.

Thus, detailed, for applicants who plan to renew their visas earlier, the Consular Section of the Embassy has extended its waiver program interview.

That is, “applicants whose visas are current or have expired within the last four years can apply for renewal without a personal interview.”

The embassy has also added appointments for work visas in order to facilitate opportunities for seasonal work in the United States.

“It is appropriate that visa applicants do the paperwork as soon as possible if your particular case would require a further processing,” he explained.

Moreover, “to take advantage of greater flexibility of our current availability of appointments and ensure that eligible individuals receive their visas in time for a trip nearby, we recommend you do your transaction today.”

The instructions to schedule an appointment and make the application process are in the “How to apply for a nonimmigrant visa” in the web sitito U.S. Embassy in Mexico: / en / visas / visa-on-non-immigrant / as-solicitarla.html)

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