Vietnamese martyrs memorabilia wandering 46 years in the U.S.

Posted on September 23, 2012


In 1966, a U.S. Marine Corps picked up a notebook, picture two girls, a few bills, identification on the chest Liberation Army soldiers sacrifice. When demobilized soldiers brought the memorabilia in the country.
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Vu Dinh Doan martyr, born in 1934, joined the army in 1960 and died in 1966 in Quang Ngai battlefield. Morning 21/9, memorabilia, including diaries, pictures of girls, identity card and two old money has been handed over to the family martyrs Union in Long Xuyen (Binh Giang, Hai Duong). People keep this memorabilia throughout the 46 years that he Ira Robert Frazure – a veteran who fought in Vietnam. On 28/03/1966, Bravo Team (1st Battalion, 7th Regiment) U.S. Marines fighting in the battle of Quang Ngai in Indiana campaign. A U.S. Marine Corps team name Ira Robert Frazure in the General Charlie while mopping up accidentally picked up the small notebook on a chest Liberation Army soldiers who died. Pamphlet addressed to Vu Dinh Doan. Comes with a photo book two girls, a few old coins and paper identification. After demobilization in November of the same year, American soldiers brought these mementos of America.Diary frayed corners tattered over the years but the words still readable. Log line on 02/09/1966 concludes: ‘When I ran out to meet her husband and his friend Zhao Ty Quang Ngai, I felt excited, secret meeting with elected in a fight the same rig and said the and hardships in his military operations the narrative soup hunger … “.Photograph of two young women Thi Yen and Tran Thi Japan, a close friend of fallen Union. On his mission to join the army, both of which she has the tens of kilometers burden of his mourners rice and more than 40 others into battle.

Vu Dinh Son, the third son of martyrs Vu Dinh Doan cry when the hands get back his father’s memorabilia from the Colonel Nguyen Xuan Power, director of the Vietnam Military History Museum. These souvenirs are U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta returned to the Vietnamese Defense Minister Phung Quang Thanh visit to Vietnam this past June.
Martyrs team had four children, but the eldest son and youngest died. Vu Thi Line, daughter martyrs (rightmost) sobbing cry when he saw his father’s memorabilia. On his battle, The new 5-year-old sister.
Hundreds of relatives, friends, neighbors and other agencies attended the ceremony memorabilia.
Uncompressed Many are thrilled to witness the ceremony.
Mrs. Yen (left) and Japanese (70) is also present in the ceremony memorabilia.
Vu Dinh Son and Ms. Vu Thi Tuyen incense at the cemetery telling the mementos of his father returned to the family. After three traveled to Quang Ngai find the remains of his father, in 2008 two new sisters find exactly where he died and put the remains of the cemetery home.

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