The West must not be blackmailed longer

Posted on September 22, 2012


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Compliantly give our politicians the right to freedom of expression award. But this is inciting Islamist instigator of further extortion. At stake is our secularity.
By Richard Herzinger
The haste with which the government is trying to ban the performance of that ominous “defamatory film” about the Prophet Muhammad , is shameful and scary. Compliantly accepted to the Islamist interpretation of expression and artistic freedom, according to this not for the appearance of the Prophet Mohammed should apply or other Islamic beliefs, might feel from the religious extremists are “offended” or “humiliated”.

This sentiment appears to publish Mohammed caricatures by the satirical magazines “Charlie Hebdo” and “Titanic” as a perception not a self-evident fundamental right, but as an irresponsible attempt to “further fuel to the fire.” As targeted by perpetrators of violence instigated by the name and address is something like an unavoidable natural phenomenon!

Some German commentators argue recently, the voluntary renunciation of Muhammad satire in the face of imminent danger to life and limb imagine not constitute an abandonment of the freedom of expression, but prove a sovereign, responsible handling. What a logic that will degrade our most fundamental liberties to good weather values, the enjoyment we might indulge ourselves just as long as we will not be denied by their mortal enemies at gunpoint!
Erhöhte Sicherheitsvorkehrung in Frankreich
Demonstration prohibition against Muhammad cartoons
Angry protests in Peshawar against Mohammed film
Poll Is it permissible, in your view, to caricature the Prophet Muhammad?



Independent courts have jurisdiction

But whether the incriminating video snippets notices as well as individual cartoons against offenses such as sedition or disturbance of religious peace, in a constitutional democracy only independent courts have jurisdiction. So if you lowered from the film feels may lodge a complaint with the Justice, he or she must also loudly protest and demonstrate against the film – but only with strictly peaceful means. Each course also has the right to the potential nuisance not just to look at.

Just over a half years in Germany ran the Turkish movie “Valley of the Wolves – Palestine” officially in numerous popcorn cinema. Trivializing the German media as a kind of “Turkish 007” apostrophized strips recalled in his style a lot more to “Jud Suess” than James Bond.

In his Israeli Jews are portrayed as racist, conspiratorial mass murderer, the Turkish hero abknallt dozen. But neither was in Israel unleashed by a Jewish mob stormed the Turkish and German embassies, nor had expected the filmmakers as well as the cinema operator with greater consequences than a strongly worded slating the features section.

Staged outrage

Therefore, it was also true that this concoction of naked hatred was not enhanced by a prohibition. That from the ranks of German politicians at that time but no was heard almost comparable with the current outcry, are nonetheless think.

The question really is not dealing with movie snippets, which would have been under normal circumstances, not perceived by the vast majority of citizens. By accepts the reading, these strips have the excesses of violence in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Sudan “provoked”, it has been blackmailing the Islamist bent.

Because their mastermind take the supposed “spontaneous” actually carefully staged outrage “Muslim masses” only as a pretext to force the West to kowtow to their conception of “religious freedom” in the name of Allah over every right and every universal moral norm may be, without wishing to be too critical of only need to ask.

The entire West bends sharply

The fact that the German policy has taken almost in toto the totalitarian propaganda logic extremist and terrorist organizations and governments at face value, is not tolerable in that the entire West gives way to the current wave of intimidation.

In Pakistan, where the unrest swelled ominously, the U.S. government is now trying to pull himself out of the way by running to seven transmitters can be a spot in which it distances itself from the silly video. Such attempts at appeasement contribute to the Islamic cheerleader but on the contrary as a humble admission of guilt and will be perceived by them as a renewed sign of the pathetic weakness of the West. But this only encourages them to make even greater coercion.

Interests support the blasphemy accusation

Is conservative, liberal and left-wing politicians that this country in the submissive condemnation “hostile to religion” representations outdo each other, lies at the intersection of interest that arises on this issue between the political camps.

While many on the left like to facilitate their antiracist guilty conscience about “oppressed” minorities by their self-appointed leaders of the right to suppress unpleasant remarks from the “majority culture” concede hope conservatives – and with them the churches – in this seemingly unsuspicious, because as striving for tolerance disguised way to a tougher approach against “blasphemy” in general and especially against any “vilification” of Christianity can prevail.

Blackmail aimed at secularity

The mood of appeasement, which has covered Germany, reminiscent of the early 70s. Then they tried to appease the Palestinian terrorist by the terrorist perpetrators, whose one – despite all at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, with disastrous consequences flaunted dilettantism of the security forces – had become caught, ran away with it.

The specious reasoning of the then Federal Government was sure you did not want the conflicts in the Middle East “inflame still further”. The bill for this retreat was the years of terror by RAF Community and Palestinians, which led to the disastrous “German Autumn” of the 1977th

But this time is even more at stake. The allegation of massive violence Islamist threats blackmail aimed at the core of the secular constitution of our society and to the foundations of our freedom.

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