The United Nations celebrates the International Day of Peace

Posted on September 22, 2012


21/09/2012 – 04:42 PM
Mexico City-The actors Michael Douglas and Forest Whitaker, in addition to the primatologist Jane Goodall participated in the UN headquarters in the International Day of Peace, which calls for a full cessation of hostilities around the world .

The three celebrities participated in a ceremony in the gardens of the United Nations, where Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and the new president of the General Assembly, Serbian Vuk Jeremic, played as is tradition known as the “bell peace “and that in its day was donated by Japan.

Following were the focus of a meeting with students at the United Nations headquarters and the other young people who participated via video link from South Sudan and Liberia, and which focused on the theme chosen for this year’s celebration: “Sustainable Peace for sustainable future. ”

To mark the International Day of Peace, the UN sent into the world “a message of tolerance, dialogue, cooperation and harmony” from its headquarters in New York, chaired by the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

“Amid the present tense global climate we need to send a message of tolerance, dialogue, cooperation and harmony that resonates throughout the world,” said the head of the UN.

“The United Nations has always tried to prevent and resolve global conflicts through peaceful means,” said Ki-Moon.

Regarding the protests against the production of a film critical of the Prophet Mohammed, asked that his call is heard “above the voices of discord and extremism that has spread violence in recent days”.

The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the UN General Assembly to commemorate the third Tuesday of September, but 20 years later it was decided to fix the 21st of that month.

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