The 60% of Americans distrust media

Posted on September 22, 2012


21/09/2012 – 05:41 PM
United States. – The number of Americans who distrust the mainstream media is constantly increasing since 2004 and reached a record rate of 60%, according to a poll released Friday by the Gallup Institute.

According to the survey conducted between June and September 9th 1017 passed among adults, 60% of Americans think that the mainstream media do not provide complete information, accurate and fair, a record in an election year.

The difference of 20 points between the percentage of positive and negative opinions is even at its highest since the institute began conducting the survey in the 1990s.

Gallup noted that half of Americans trust the media before 2004, a portion that haunted even 72% in the 1970s.

Increasing this to discredit the major media in the study is attributed mainly to the responses of those who declare themselves Republicans or independents.

Only 26% of Republicans trust the media, a figure similar to that of 2008, while 58% of Democrats believe in what they read, see or hear on the radio.

According to this poll, 39% of respondents were interested in closely by now, a growing number compared with the last election in 2008, when 43% of Americans now say an interest.

A Gallup poll last year had revealed that a large portion of Americans distrusted the media: 47% considered the information too “liberal” and 13% instead they seemed too conservative.

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