Senator Kerry threatens Baghdad with a stop American aid payments.

Posted on September 22, 2012


Iran is supplying weapons to Iraq to Assad

A Western intelligence reports that Iran is supplying weapons and soldiers to Iraq to the regime in Syria. U.S. Senator Kerry threatens Baghdad with a stop American aid payments. According to an intelligence report of a Western state should support the Iranian regime to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on a large scale with weapons and forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

On Iraq, the military assistance to arrive by plane and by road to Syria, says the paper, the Reuters news agency there. A spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has rejected the information the intelligence report.

By the beginning of September, it had from senior U.S. government circles, where it notes that Iran use Iraqi airspace for deliveries to Syria. In the now emerged intelligence report says that Iran brings civil aircraft over Iraq and military weapons to Syria – it is actually called the types of aircraft and airlines that were to be used for deliveries.

Revolutionary Guards organize flights

The flights will be organized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, an elite unit of the Islamic Republic. The “world” in early September, on instructions of the Iranian opposition group People’s Mujahedeen to regular, organized by the Revolutionary Guard flights from Iran to Syria reported.

According to the intelligence report almost daily flights leave for Syria – on board members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and a ton of weapons to aid Assad’s troops.

Deliveries by road

Even trucks are passing through on their way from Iran to Syria to Iraq. According to the intelligence report, there are specific agreements between senior Iraqi and Iranian officials that allow transport in this way. So shall the amount of supplies and the organization to be more extensive than previously guessed.

Even before the announcement of the intelligence report of the U.S. Democratic Senator John Kerry has issued a clear warning to Baghdad if the Iraqi government such shipments through their airspaces and not binding, will you check American aid payments, he said at a Senate hearing. Baghdad denied, however, that permitting arms shipments in Iraqi airspace.

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