Algeria frustrate the process of arms smuggling across its border with Libya

Posted on September 22, 2012


With the turmoil in neighboring Libya, Mali, promote Algeria beefed up security along the southern border of the country.
By Walid Ramzi for Magharebia in Algiers – 09/21/12

Algerian security authorities are struggling to cope with arms smuggling gangs have stepped up their operations on the southern border, which prompted the Algerian army to intensify its presence across some rugged border crossings exploited by smugglers.

Thanks to these efforts, managed the National People’s Army forces in the border area adjacent to the Libyan territory to adjust the 32 weapons and 14 thousand rounds of ammunition the continent eye area, south of the city of Djanet, Illizi. The intervention process September 12 in the context of the search along the desert border often used by smugglers and terrorists seeking to transfer arms.

The SPLA forces stopped the three elements of the national gang, including a Libyan national citizenship, and a wounded smugglers gunshot wounds.

The operation, after the Algerian security monitoring movement SUV was coming from the south of Libya, Venspt ambushed in the region. And check they smuggled weapons from the Libyan army stores and addressed to the smuggling gangs and drug dealers, where she was handed over in Tadharok district of Tamanrasset.

The army has intensified in the last period of the spread of the southern boundary, and equip its units with strong monitoring and sophisticated, allowing it to cover the region, similar to what happened in the process that have been monitored in the area is around 260 km from Gantt.

And managed by Algerian security forces in recent months to thwart several operations to smuggle weapons, including smuggling operation Katyusha rockets and machine guns and ammunition different, as I discovered weapons caches in the border areas in places usually used by smugglers to hide contraband in order to avoid falling into the patrol security interests.

And managed security forces stationed in Tamanrasset and Illizi adjacent to the border areas with Libya, Niger and Mali to adjust the 104 weapons during the last ten months only. The security forces uncovered that 50 percent of weapons seized are hunting rifles, and the rest different weapons, including even heavy bombers that terrorists tried to get them from stores camps Libyan regime Previous and arms dealers who took advantage of the Libyan Revolution for smuggling large quantities of weapons into neighboring countries.

And allowed investigations carried out by the interests of queries last month, revealed a plan to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to carry out smuggling large weapons that were obtained from Libya and smuggled into the Algerian desert passing through the desert of Mali and Niger, through smugglers dealing with criminal elements and buried in the desert areas Where are the specific coding in order to refer to it later and use in terrorist operations against security headquarters and the Algerian government in the south.

The security authorities have in Algeria to the formation of special units to comb desert tract is believed that the terrorist elements and smugglers they hide weapons smuggled from Libya inside. As been moving en masse to the Algerian drones and surveillance aircraft equipped with thermal Pkoashv night observation devices along the Algerian border with Mali and Niger, as well as the eastern border with Libya.

As authorities consider Algerian security establishment surveillance systems and alarm electronic along its border with African countries troubled security in order to reduce the security threats faced by cross land borders with Libya and control of the jihadi groups in northern Mali, have formed the ministries of defense and interior Aldzaúreeten the end of 2011 cell work composed of experts to study this project.

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