Obama reiterates commitment to legalize undocumented

Posted on September 21, 2012


Antonio Cano Washington 20 SEP 2012 – 21:23 CET

In the swing state of Florida, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have waged in the past few hours one of the most anticipated matchups of this campaign for the Hispanic vote , which depend both options of victory in November. Both promised to bring order to the chaotic once chapter of immigration, but the Republican candidate offered no concrete solutions, while the president said that for a second term remains committed to a new immigration law, which would include a path to legalization of more than 12 million undocumented immigrants.

“I hope that after the elections, when the main goal of the Republicans not linger, but solve the country’s problems, when you get the message to stop the polls, that reform is possible. I’m committed to try, “Obama said in a forum organized by the Spanish television network Univision at Miami University.

Until that happens, until there is the regularization of existing paperless , Obama proposed to exclude the deportations, which have increased during his tenure, to young people studying or working in the U.S. or families whose roots in this country are amply demonstrated.

Obama used this unique opportunity to target Hispanics trying to consolidate his popularity with that community and thereby ensure his victory. If the president repeats Latino support he had in the polls four years ago, it is difficult to escape him the win.

“Hispanics,” Obama said, “have to choose between a candidate who is sitting here with you, he is committed to immigration reform, and another candidate who does not offer specific proposals and cited the Arizona law, the controversy legislation repealed by the Supreme Court that forced anyone to teach police-immigration documents as a role model. ”

Obama wanted to rebut Romney’s arguments in its statement on the 47% who live in the state and do not pay taxes. “I have not seen many of those in this country, which I have seen are millionaires who find ways to pay less tax,” he said.

The challenge was increased yesterday to Romney. After the controversy surrounding the famous video that despises a portion of the country from which many millions of Hispanics, a new fiasco in this forum could be irreparable. Romney is, by far, far away in the polls from rival among Latino voters. It has even less support than John McCain won in 2008. If not appreciably improve those numbers, your success is virtually impossible.

His performance on Wednesday night at the forum held in Miami could be a step towards this. Favored by an audience of conservative Cuban-profile and both campaigns had been imposed as a condition for the presence of pro-public, Romney performed well. He dodged questions more committed and, albeit without any specific plan, make it installed got the message that Obama had failed to fulfill its promise to push through in the first year of his term, a new law on immigration. “I’m going to solve this problem once and for all and I’m going to be what I say,” he said. He did not specify what to do with the undocumented-but suggested that he hoped to leave of their own accord, nor ruled on Obama’s decision to halt the deportations of young people.

Without specifically referring to video of 47%, Romney said Hispanics feel alluded by his words against those who benefit from state aid, no need to worry. “My campaign is for 100% of the U.S.. I’m worried about all of them, and I am concerned about the fact that in the last four years, life has become harder for the Americans. ” “This is a campaign to help people who need help,” he added, “and, now, the poor need help to get out of poverty and the middle class needs help because their income has been reduced in the last four years” .

In that message contains all the Republican hopes to gain Hispanic votes in the idea that this community, which is among the most deprived in the country, will vote according to your pocket and not their hearts Latinos.

It may be too late. Hispanics may be disappointed with Obama because he has violated some of its promises, but are terrified with Romney . This is not a community so uninformed as to be unaware that the possibility of an immigration bill was blocked in Congress, dominated by Republicans, and not in the White House. Neither is as detached from reality as to have overlooked racist messages that were heard in the early GOP ratio, especially with the Mexicans.

That attitude of conservatism today, symbolized by the Tea Party, Obama has allowed play until recently clearly states Republicans like Nevada or Colorado, and may also have a significant influence in Florida.

Florida is so important that it can almost be sure that if Romney does not win there, you can not win elections. Until recently, the surveys showed a tie or a slight advantage the Republican candidate. Right now, the advantage is Obama, in some cases, four or five ahead. That is probably due to the inclusion in the nomination of the opposition of Paul Ryan, whose proposals on health aid to the alarm wakes pensionistos older citizens. That group of voters, with Latinos, are the ones who decide the fate of Florida. And if, somewhere Romney can fish in the spring of Hispanic votes, is in Florida, where a majority of Cuban-exiles, who generally support fewer candidates-Republicans.

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