(Video) shows that the Libyan protesters prevented rescue the U.S. ambassador before his death

Posted on September 20, 2012


Thursday, September 20 – September 2012 10 pm – Marib Press

Revealed a new video of the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi that Libyan protesters tried to rescue the U.S. ambassador moments before his death did not celebrate his death as he had thought.

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The agency said “Associated Press” American news agency that Libyans shouted “He’s alive, God is great” when they feel that Stevens alive and in an effort to save him without knowing the time that the ambassador.

Fahd said Baccouche photographer who took video footage before losing consciousness during the events of the embassy’s “Associated Press” “There were not one ambulance to take him and carry people to take him in a private car, probably did not hold his body in a proper way.”

The demonstrators had found the body of Stevens in a room inside the embassy amid the smoke that filled the corners where someone thought he stumbled in the body to inspect the Ambassador and discovers that he is still alive.

Baccouche adds “was breathing and Ajafnah يرتجفان black and his face from the smoke, it was in a sorry state.”

She explained the U.S. Agency that this development in understanding the accident killed Stevens and three other embassy staff adds more uncertainty and confusion about the incident itself, as authorities believe the investigation American and Libyan that behind organizing exploited anger Libyan protesters angry film abuse of Muslims, and that the attack was organized manner fierce and not consistent with the potential ordinary protesters.

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