Puerto Rico Uncover Popular Democratic Party (PPD) plan to break relations with the U.S.

Posted on September 20, 2012


20 day of September, 2012
Read email that allegedly uncovered PDP intentions against the U.S. Attorney and the U.S. government.
An email uncovered the intentions of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) to break relations with the United States and avenge previous actions of federal prosecutors on the island, that the judgment of Marcos Rodriguez Emma, ​​senior adviser in the campaign for reelection Governor Luis Fortuño, New Progressive Party candidate (PNP).

For Rodriguez Ema expressions Luis Herrero-Acevedo, nephew of former Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila, show the double standard of the PPD. “If I had said a penepé had been calling for a lynching. (The e-mail) has an internal radiograph of a campaign based on resentment and hatred of the federal court, “said Rodriguez Ema in NotiUno interview.

In the email that refers Rodríguez Ema, Herrero-Acevedo wrote that the PDP will win the election and that this would “defeat” federal prosecutors also.

Acevedo Herrero communication sent to his friends and former Governor Acevedo Vila once shared it. Noti-One obtained a copy of the e-mail that can be read at this link .

Herrero-Acevedo, plus nephew of former Governor Acevedo Vila is in charge of social media campaign by the PDP candidate, Alejandro Garcia Padilla.

“Fortuño was the architect of the hoax of the Federal Prosecution against man. Now we will return the favor, “Herrero-Acevedo wrote in the e-mail.

For Rodriguez Ema expressions are error and indicate the PPD seeking revenge against the U.S. government and the desire of García Padilla to limit federal jurisdiction of the Island

Meanwhile, Armando Valdes, director of Communications PDP also said Noti One who reach this conclusion is false. He noted that the proposed García Padilla is the activation of the National Guard would work with federal authorities to combat drug trafficking.

On the other hand said that the Popular Party nor endorse or reject the terms of the nephew of former Governor and written in an email he shared with friends.

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