Puerto Rico November 6 votes to becomes United States 51st state

Posted on September 20, 2012


Llanito the way for statehood
20 day of September, 2012
Economic and political influence of Latinos suitable time ago
Gov. Luis Fortuño said winning the Statehood plebiscite on November 6, there will be resistance to Puerto Rico should become a U.S..

According to the Chief Executive, the political and economic influence that has the Hispanic population in the United States allows for annexation environment for a Spanish speaking state.

“Some eat tamales and tacos and we will not stop eating cakes and rice and beans,” he said with a smile the President of New Progressive Party (PNP), while noting that Hispanics make up the largest minority in the United States substantial.

The Governor made the expressions after presenting the advertisement to statehood. Wedge In 60 seconds, the image of the flag of Puerto Rico and raised the American flag that will have to change that to include the star number 51 when the island is a state.

“By becoming our flag status will remain the same, waving from the rooftops. Which will have to change to add a new star will be the flag of the most powerful nation … to let the world know that day that the United States will have a new flag with 51 stars, with star boricua “, narrates the commercial Fortuño .

This announcement adds another wedge that is already broadcasting in which Luis A. exgobernadores Ferré, Carlos Romero Barceló and Pedro Rossello talk about statehood.

Furthermore, Fortuño announced that from today, known figures like former Governor Romero Barceló and former mayor of San Juan, Hernán Padilla, offer short talks and gatherings to educate about the benefits of statehood.

The first lecture will be given by Romero Barceló in Isabela, advanced leader Palma.

The effort joins the campaign that has been conducted for months and Ricardo Rossello Nevares Boricua Movement is Now!

“It states that Puerto Ricans are leaving in search of a better life and greater opportunities, statehood is the model to follow,” the Governor.

TRS calls for statehood vote

Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz urged the people to vote for statehood on November 6 to ensure that “Puerto Rico does not proceed first in line for cuts and last in line of division”.

This was stated in a forum of political leaders in St. Mary’s school in San Juan, before a group of 190 high school students.

“On November 6, we have an extraordinary opportunity. Puerto Rico to be a colony have the bad fortune that we are the first federal cuts and the last in the line of distribution and proposed PPD defend the colony, remain on the downside, keep us as second-class citizens, not to claim our part as American citizens. “

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