March Hodeidah total rejection of any U.S. military presence in Yemen or the Arab and Islamic countries.

Posted on September 20, 2012


Thursday, 20 – September -2012 – Hodeidah – Mohammed Hanina

Massive march to Terboye Hodeidah condemning abuse of the Prophet (PBUH)
Mass social crossed march Hodeidah total rejection of any U.S. military presence in Yemen or the Arab and Islamic countries.

March witnessed by the province morning Alarbaa involving thousands of leaders of Education, local authorities and unions professions education and teachers and school administrations and teachers and teachers and students and civil society organizations to maintain confirmed parking masses Hodeidah all in the forefront of employees educational sector and educational without exception against attack barbaric and unjust malevolent against Islam and Muslims.

And confirmed the march organized by the educational unions in cooperation with local authorities in the districts of the city to reject the abuse of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and denounce the delinquency to the provocative actions of the feelings of Muslims
In a statement released by the U.S. administration demanded the march official apology for all the Arab and Islamic peoples and sue the film’s producers indefinite article, sponsors and all who participated in it.

It also demanded the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference unifying positions and intensify pressure on the UN to pass legislation prohibits the abuse of prophets and religions, all holy sites.

The statement: assure that what happened will give us faith and adherent and love and sacrifice and loyalty to the Holy Messenger of Allah and more Christvzna to publish and disseminate his message and biography in every corner of the world.

Stressing at the right Arab and Islamic peoples in the peaceful expression of rejection and anger of what he suffered Holy Prophet of indecency violations to display Quran.

This has thrown at the end of the march by several words Mamedyak Qaham President of the Union of Professional and educational union Tariq pleasure and Abdullah Al-Khawlani.

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