Inmates escaped “through the front door”, not a tunnel, reveals the SSP

Posted on September 20, 2012


Juan Alberto Cedillo
September 19, 2012
Saltillo. (Ap). – The escape of 131 prisoners from the prison of Piedras Negras was “a big way”, not a tunnel, as initially claimed prison authorities, sources unveiled the Public Security Secretariat of Coahuila.

According to the same sources, the information provided by one of the inmates recaptured, Pablo Sánchez Campos, who confessed that the leak was not made by the tunnel built in the wood shop, but by the main entrance of the prison.

Sánchez Campos was arrested in the vicinity of the towns of Candela and Monclova, with symptoms of dehydration. He told authorities that on Monday saw that inmates were leaking through the front door.

The detainee said he was three months in the Cereso of Piedras Negras for the crime of theft, which has not been convicted.

After his escape, he hid between gaps and subsequently traveled to “ride” to the municipality of Candela, where he was arrested by the authorities.

Until now add three inmates recaptured and 128 still missing by being arrested.

The alleged escape through a tunnel was questioned this morning by the state attorney, Homero Ramos: “It is impossible to have exited the tunnel at one time, as argued Cereso authorities,” he said.

Later, in a television interview, Secretary of State for Public Security, Jorge Luis Morán, confirmed that the leak was carried out by the front door.

“I definitely did not go through the tunnel, the statements of the recaptured we confirm the hypothesis that went out the door and there was a complete betrayal of collusion and complicity officials to safeguard and prevent absconding,” said Moran.

In the morning, it was reported that members of the Ministry of Public Security, in coordination with the Army and Navy, captured the first three escapees Social Rehabilitation Center of Piedras Negras, two of which had already been restored to its activities criminal to be arrested in possession of grenade launchers, rifles and bulletproof vests jump.

The latter are Mauro Antonio Valdés González and Jorge Mendoza Barcenas, who were arrested yesterday afternoon in the town of Zaragoza, when circulating aboard a late-model Ford pickup truck with Texas plates.

On his way, criminals ran into a police checkpoint, so they had no choice but to shoot the uniformed state police and the Army and Navy, and flee.

However, they could not go far because the soldiers caught up with them and after an exchange of fire were apprehended.

The fugitives were carrying two assault rifles AK-47, a .40-caliber grenade launcher, three AR-15 rifles, a .38 caliber handgun and four bulletproof vests.

Mendoza González Valdés and Barcenas were made available to the State Attorney split testify about his escape from the prison of Piedras Negras.

The name of the third defendant reaprehendido not released, but the state Public Security Secretariat reported that he was arrested this afternoon in the city of Monclova. It later emerged that it is Pablo Sánchez Campos.

Jorge Luis Morán Delgado, head of the corporation, said the two people arrested yesterday stated that most of the escapees moved to Tamaulipas, to strengthen the criminal actions of the cartel that operates in that entity.

Three inmates recaptured will be transferred to the Maximum Security Federal Center.

Separately, the governor of Coahuila, Homer Ramos, said most of the 86 inmates escaped from federal jurisdiction belong to Los Zetas, who were sentenced for drug offenses.

Attributed to Los Zetas plan for escape, as detected on Monday that two buses and inmates waiting that were leaking.

Following the arrest of Antonio Mauro Valdés González, Jorge Mendoza Barcenas and arrested in Monclova, there are still 128 people to recapture.

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