Every five minutes a Christian is killed

Posted on September 20, 2012


Millions of Muslims are being goaded to fatal tirades on everything Western. Of the persecution of 100 million Christians in many Islamic countries do not speak human.
By Ulli Kulke
In America, someone has made ​​a movie on the Internet, of Mohammed, the prophet of Allah offended, including as a child molester. Well it is hardly anyone, even if the filmmakers raise the claim to have derived their ideas from the Koran was read where finally, that the Prophet Muhammad had performed the marriage with a nine year old. Either way: The Muslim world feels taken.

Reactions blind with rage

This leads to murder and mayhem. Around the world in Islamic countries, the mob marched on to against Western – not just American – institutions and against Western people use violence, often unchallenged by the authorities on the ground, sometimes with their silent acquiescence and sympathy.

Many deaths are complaining now, hundreds of injured. Some of our media looks at least complicit in the West itself, the moderator of ZDF magazine, Claus Kleber, belongs to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and some others.

The insult to their religion, even if it was based on an initially unknown seems to many Muslims to be the worst crime a capital offense. For it now may entire societies, countries and even a complete hemisphere be held liable.

So the Islam from victim to perpetrator

Reminder: The angry attacks against the West after the release of “Muhammad cartoons” in Denmark seven years ago asked about 100 deaths. Satirical insult another religion so is a capital offense. Far more honorable because it seems obviously to be the guardian of the Muslim faith to offend members of another religion, but the same kill, pursue to drive, just like that. Finally they know the appropriate term of honor killing . Insult is unknown.
The Christian aid organization Open Doors indicates that 100 million Christians worldwide are threatened for their beliefs of persecution, abuse or death. There are higher and there is also lower estimates. It is indisputable that Christians are the most persecuted religious community today .

According to the theologian Thomas Schirrmacher, Managing Director of the Working Group on Religious Freedom of the German-Austrian Evangelical Alliance, nine out of ten admit persecuted because of their faith to Christianity. Are very great extent it affects Christians in Muslim countries (although North Korea is at the forefront here, and also incidents are reported from China).

The Commissioner for Religious Freedom of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Massimo Introvigne goes, even assuming that the world dies every five minutes a Christian for his faith.

A variety of dangerous countries

In many Muslim countries Christians hope in vain for protection from authorities. In Nigeria, Somalia, and in Iran, it is not even a minor offense to shoot a Christian to stab or kill. If it is a converted Muslim, it is often almost as a duty. Apostasy in Allah is a capital crime in many places.

Actual executions of converts are reported infrequently. Many were sitting and sitting for months after their judgments on death row until they are commuted to imprisonment with regular beatings. Amnesty International describes cases in which Saudi Arabia alone owning a Bible into the hands of the many guest workers from around the Catholic Philippines to years of imprisonment, and many dozen lashes.

Even in the simple and superficial in his religion as Muslim communities in some liberal Indonesia invited to tear their churches. In the Moluccas in the east of the archipelago Christians were exposed to only a decade ago, years of pogroms, with thousands of deaths, where the Muslim central government did not oppose.

Discrimination to the front doors of Europe

Also in Turkey, it is obviously, as all experience not difficult after murder of Christians simply dive unmolested, even there are Christian communities not recognized as entities, even where they may not form a priest. Anyone who has played only with the idea to set up in Saudi Arabia or in northern Nigeria a Christian church is some controversy in this country look at the height of minarets and other details of the construction of mosques with their own eyes.

We now know that those offending movie was probably shot by Copts. It is a Christian community in Egypt, which is there for many Muslims as fair game. Only at the beginning of last year in an attack on a Coptic church in Alexandria were 21 worshipers were killed.

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, wherever you now because of the offense of insult mass murder by calling through the streets, is based Christians for many years of her life is no longer safe.

Appalling indifference in German media

One could in the media in this country, of course also look at all of this matter more closely. However, that would predict would find themselves even as sufficient grounds in willing media to blame for this also to Christians.

The machinations of the Christian missionaries in the 19th Century would offer a wide range of arguments for a Claus Kleber. He can then yes again discussed with the Iranian president about it . Could bring the he already knows from his great interview in the spring, in which Ahmadinejad finally his views on the world situation in the ZDF people unmolested. Nagging demands of the interviewer’s glue

Then they can talk about whether Iran will reduce the minimum age at marriage for girls really know how to listen, to nine years. As with Mohammed.

It remains: offense is a different caliber of crime than murder. All just a question of honor.

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