Banish Bahrain Protesters Use Poison Gas

Posted on September 20, 2012


Bahrain security forces reportedly used poison gas in an attempt to block anti-government demonstrations. A man allegedly died from inhaling poisonous gases.

Abdullah Hassan Ali was killed after security forces fired tear gas at his home in northeast Sitra, Tuesday (18/9).

The gas is thought to contain toxins that killed 59-year-old man started churning itu.Revolusi in Bahrain since February 2011. The mass movement was inspired by a number of revolutions in the Arab region that toppled the government as in Tunisia and Egypt.

Since then, the group held a mass demonstration diligent. Bahrain government promises to respond aloud to reform government. However, international human rights community is only looking at the government’s promise figment.

“Although the king had promised, but reform is still far from enough,” declared the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), as reported by Press TV.
Editor: Hafidz Muftisany
Reporter: Adi Wicaksono

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