U.S. Ambassador in Tunis fled Bazzi ‘costume’ embassy .. Obama aides and leaked details of the killing of bin Laden

Posted on September 19, 2012


Wednesday, September 19, 2012 News – Elaf – agencies

Said TV correspondent «fields» describing the events in the vicinity of the U.S. Embassy area lake in the Tunisian capital brought about by the film anti-Islam and the Holy Prophet, said that «security sources summarized details of exciting captivated him that the U.S. ambassador was present at the embassy when cordoned crowds angry before to succeed in infiltrating it despite stiff resistance to the security men, and that the ambassador was saved from the blockade after he wore a disguise, dress the Tunisian security forces.

In this regard, writes Tunisian writer Abdul Razzaq Carat: «surprised there ambassador at work in strange contrast to the preventive measures taken by the Americans usually when their lives are in danger.

The explanation for this stay, according to Carat, potentially all interpretations, including the alleged collusion which is marketed her party appeal Tunisia, perhaps Ambassador fell into the same trap that fell when the Tunisian authorities and agreed or «colluded» with those who deceived them to receive the protest letter mentioned by the Minister of Health, in the hope of providing civilized method of protest from the birthplace of the Arab Spring is an example of demonstrators angry at the Islamic capitals, but that happened, according to Carat in his article in the newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi, is following the example of Tunisian groups violence that came out around the world to express their anger by burning and looting, Voadst turn to Islam contradicted his instructions, which calls for tolerance and restraint and turning away from the ignorant and not to dwell with are engaged who Bmekdsatna ridicule of until they engage in a talk other.
Obama’s aides leaked the details of the killing of bin Laden

On the other hand announced administration of President Barack Obama details new and exciting about the process that has managed through the killing of al Qaeda leader before, Osama bin Laden, even while threatening criminal charges against a member of the team «Cell» U.S. Navy for exposing for the same type of job in the book, which was released recently.

And showed an investigation by the newspaper «The Washington Times» U.S. that several details mentioned in the book «What on easy No Easy Day» had already appeared printed based on interviews with officials in the U.S. administration aides will be included in a new movie in another book.

And probably did the most detailed description of the process in an article published in 2011 in The New Yorker magazine on the basis of interviews with White House officials. A source close to the team ‘torrent’, which carried out the operation in May 2011, members of the unit were told after the publication of the article that the novel is built, in part, on an unauthorized interview with one of the officials who have to plan for that task.

She drew well, the Washington Times that the e-mails private U.S. administration was unveiled last month in the case of freedom of information revealed the existence of exceptional cooperation between filmmakers working on a film of the raid that killed bin Laden and political officials. She explained that someone mails and at least one who participated in the raid had conducted interviews with the director and writer of the film.

The newspaper pointed out that the book will be released three weeks before the U.S. presidential elections due in the sixth month of November, سيسرد detail the raid on bin Laden’s step-by-step.

According to newspaper quoted source close to the team ‘torrent’, the information Sjordha that book has been derived from the cooperation that has been with the White House. This Matt keep her face, author of What’s on easy, a former member of the team ‘torrent’ was using the name of Mark Owen, threats by Alپntagon that being prosecuted on criminal charges as the first to reveal private information filtering process bin Laden.

He accused George Little, a spokesman for Defence Minister Pune Panetta, keep her involvement in the disclosure of secrets. While Re keep her lawyer in a letter saying that the book does not contain any confidential information and that his client did not violate a non-disclosure agreement, which calls for review before publishing.

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