Some 5000 policemen and soldiers after 132 escaped prisoners

Posted on September 19, 2012


18/09/2012 – 05:35 PM
Mexico. – About five thousand policemen and army, backed by aircraft, dogs in northern Mexico near the border with Texas (USA), to 132 prisoners who escaped from prison on Monday for Piedras Negras tunnel dug from a carpentry workshop.

“There are about 5,000 military and police operations and alerted authorities four Mexican states and Texas,” said Jorge Luis Morán Security Secretary Coahuila, the state where Piedras Negras, Millennium Radio.

According Millennium around Piedras Negras, a city of 150,000 on the banks of the Rio Grande and Eagle Pass border, five filters were installed revision and at least one helicopter came to the area to support the search.

Of the escaped prisoners, about 86 are federal prosecutions for crimes such as drug trafficking and kidnapping.

Inmates used a narrow tunnel of about seven meters long and had been dug about three feet deep from the place where once stood the carpentry workshop of jail.

The state of Coahuila reported that all the prison guards were called to testify about the possible complicity in the escape and to investigate how it was possible they were unaware of the existence of the tunnel. They also investigated the prison director and the chief warden.

There are a number of indications “that there may be presumed complicity of some of the people in charge of security,” the attorney said Tuesday Coahuila, Homer Ramos, told broadcaster Televisa.

Ramos had previously reported that the U.S. Border Patrol and the Mexican Army, participating in the search effort of the prisoners escaped and offered 200,000 pesos (about $ 15,500) reward for information on each of the fugitives.

President Felipe Calderon on Tuesday deplored the leak and said in his Twitter account that while “in the last six years have fled more than 1,000 inmates of state prisons. None In federal prisons.”

The leak in Piedras Negras is the second biggest prison escape in Mexico recorded, after starring for 141 inmates, who escaped on December 17, 2010 from prison in Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas state (northeast), also in the U.S. border.

Leaking of prisons have been recurring in recent years especially in the northern states and eastern Mexico.

As a way to demonstrate its power “drug cartels have taken to prisons their internal wars,” says José Luis Musi, an expert on prison affairs in Mexico that coordinates international crime program of the United Nations University.

One of those prisoners, recaptured in March, said the prison authorities allowed them to leave Apodaca to commit murders and then return to take refuge in the jail.

Prisons have become another scene of confrontations between cartels in the context of the wave of violence that left 60,000 dead in Mexico since December 2006 the government launched a military offensive against drug trafficking.

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