PGR Research prisoners escape in Piedras Negras

Posted on September 19, 2012


Organización Editorial Mexicana
September 18, 2012

Manuel Carvallo / El Sol de Mexico

Mexico City. – The state office of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) in Coahuila, initiated a preliminary inquiry into the escape of 131 prisoners from the Social Rehabilitation Center of Piedras Negras, reported


From the early hours of Tuesday, the Public Ministry

Federation (MPF) supported by elements of the Federal Police

Ministerial (PFM) initiated proceedings for

to locate and capture the escaped prisoners Monday afternoon and

determine whether accomplice liability or omission

public servants of this prison.

Because the escaped inmates are federal law enforcement, the PGR began

this preliminary investigation.

According to early reports, the inmates constructed a

tunnel that led to the watchtowers of that criminal

where allegedly underwent custodians on duty to

huir.Los then data from the RMP, determine the exact time of the flight was at 14:15 am on Monday, ie full


The PGR also investigates the trustees, custodians and managers

even the prison director, to determine if there was complicity or

omission in this evasion, as the report notes that the authorities

realized the criminal’s done little more than an hour later, is

ie at 15:21 hours.

However, the possible complicity of security personnel

Criminal of Piedras Negras, is the main line of research

State authorities.

Meanwhile, state authorities have requested

transfer of polygraphs to Piedras Negras, for use during the

questioning all staff and managers in the presence of

PGR personnel.

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