Palestinians fear of the rise of the Republicans to power at the White House

Posted on September 19, 2012


President Mahmoud Abbas said he will leave the country in the foreign visit takes ten days, during which he will visit Turkey first. President Abbas said on his Facebook page, he will deliver a speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations calling for the recognition of Palestine as a state is a member of the international organization.

And between the president that he would convey to the whole world the suffering Palestinian people under Israeli occupation settlement, which exercises every day violations and attacks contradict the Charter of the United Nations, based on the protection and support of some major countries, which practiced double standards of international law, not pressure Israel, and leave her free to to continue settlements and the Judaization of Jerusalem, thereby closing all avenues in order to reach the settlement lead to ending the occupation that took place in 1967, and the establishment of our independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

In a related development said Nimer Hammad, political adviser to President Mahmoud Abbas that the comments by U.S. Republican candidate Mitt Romney trying to win Jewish votes in U.S. presidential elections.

Lord Hammad in an interview with the press to a question about the position of the power of Romney’s remarks, in which he accused the Palestinians that they do not want peace with Israel, saying: “This is not a new statement Fromena since the beginning of his campaign trying to attract the votes of the Jews through its support for Israel.”

And on talking about Search the Palestinian Authority for the possibility of canceling the Oslo agreement, Hammad said: “It’s there was no claim of leadership to cancel the agreement, but there was a discussion about the possibility of amending some of the items in the agreement that Israel does not comply with all contained therein.” He added: “The Oslo agreement is a commitment between the two parties, ranging from the Israeli withdrawal from the territories occupied in 67, and the end of the transition of power in 2000, but Israel did not comply with these terms, and this has prompted the leadership to discuss the possibility of amending some of the items in the agreement.”

These moves come Palestinian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Russia’s principled position, and in conformity with the positions of the member states of the Arab League efforts to support the national aspirations of the Palestinian people and to reach a settlement Israeli – Palestinian.

To the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” Israeli Jewish lobby in the United States of America, announced his support for Obama, in the face of his Republican rival, Romney, despite recent statements strongly pro-Israel.

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