Female suicide bomber kills 12 people in Kabul for anti-Islamic film

Posted on September 19, 2012


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September 18, 2012


Kabul. – Twelve people, nine of them foreigners, were killed Tuesday in a suicide car bomb attack on a woman in Kabul in retaliation to the spread of anti-Islamic film made in the United States, sparking a wave of protests across the globe Muslim.

A woman kamikaze perpetrated this car bomb attack on Tuesday morning in the long avenue that leads to the airport in the Afghan capital, as the rebel group Hezb-e-Islami, which claimed responsibility.

“At 06H45 local (02H15 GMT), a suicide bomber blew up his car in the airport road. Nine foreign workers and three Afghans were killed, two policemen were wounded,” said Afghan police in a statement.

Eight of the 12 dead were South Africans working for a private aviation company, told AFP Kgwete Nelson, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Africa.

The South African victims “working for a private aviation company,” added the spokesman who did not specify the name of this company.

At the crime scene, the minibus was completely burnt and surrounded by bodies of the victims, some of blond hair, according to the AFP photographer, who saw at least six Western remains recognizable.

The attack occurred near palaces of marriage, to which Afghans flock to celebrate religious unions.

“That does not mean that the targets were the palaces of marriage, because there was no wedding at this time of day,” said a security source. “I had not suicide bombings occurred in this neighborhood,” the official said.

Hezb-e-Islami claimed to have perpetrated the attack in response to the spread of the film “Innocence of Muslims” (“The Innocence of Muslims”) which, conducted in the United States, mocks Muhammad.

“The bomb had a woman named Fatima. The attack was in retaliation for the insult our prophet,” he said by telephone to AFP Sidiqi Zubair, spokesman for Hezb-i-Islam, the second largest insurgent group in Afghanistan behind the Taliban.

On Tuesday, there were renewed clashes between police and hundreds of Afghan students burned pictures of U.S. President Barack Obama and chanted “Death to America” ​​during a demonstration in Kunduz (north), according to an AFP journalists at the scene.

Limited NATO joint operations

This is the second attack in Kabul within ten days, but the first linked to the spread of anti-Islamic film. On September 8, a teenager blew himself up near the headquarters of the ISAF, the NATO force in Afghanistan, leaving five dead and six wounded, including many children.

Moreover, NATO decided to restrict the number of joint operations with Afghan forces after 51 of its soldiers have died this year victims of their allies, Afghan police or soldiers.

This decision comes after a black weekend for ISAF in which Afghan police and soldiers killed six of his soldiers and is a setback for the Western coalition strategy which trains local forces so they can take over the country’s security after the withdrawal of foreign troops in late 2014.

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