Brother of al-Qaida leader and mediator between the Islamists and America

Posted on September 19, 2012


Rejected any linkage between peace initiative put forward and Mercy’s visit to the United States
Tuesday, November 02, 1433 – September 18, 2012
Cairo – Waleed Abdul Rahman
The leader of the Jihad Organization, Dr. Mohammed al-Zawahiri, brother of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, that the initiative put forward for reconciliation with the United States and the West, personal completely, which is between the overall Islamic movement and America, noting that it presents itself as a mediator and not as a party, also confirmed that the subject debatable by the parties and not imposed on anyone.

In the context of the initiative, pointing out that the knowledge of both sides to make it soon of فكرهما together and subtraction can be accepted by both sides, noting that Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri put forward initiatives before and no response from the West.

Furthermore, he stressed in his speech to the “event-Masri” on “Arab”, that thought Jihadist Salafist not a special category of the Islamic nation, and that the Jihad organization represents Islam in general, and is on the religion of Islam Bustith, and if it is proven otherwise understand ready for review immediately.

He pointed to the existence of only limited differences in applications and visions between the Islamic forces, whether the GSPC or JI. He pointed out that the initiative had been put up for reconciliation with the West and the United States wrote while in prison and kept them Nizar Ghorab lawyer and my uncle and rejection displayed fearing for his life, stressing that the proposal was at the beginning of the month of September was not associated with the screening abuser of the Prophet peace be upon him.
Magistrate initiative and controls

In the details of the initiative, he stressed that there are legitimate controls for the first time, a Magistrate to come in the interest of the Muslims and not against their interests. He added that reconciliation should not be a condition for the continuation of the occupation of Islamic countries, which was treated in the initiative.

Also pointed out that reconciliation should not be for life because many of the changes could occur in the future, what is imposed on the amendment.

Having revealed that he did not accept the peace initiative with the Egyptian state because they were not on the legal requirement and the dictates of the state and its content includes robbed all our rights and contrary to the law of God .. He stressed that the initiative, which works in the interest of Islam and the nation and most importantly “to follow the laws of God,” according to the recipe.

While rejected linking put the initiative and the visit of President Mohamed Morsi of the United States, confirmed that it placed long ago, but it did not come up only on the tenth of September, but circumstances prevented highlighted, adding that he had not been coordinated it with any of the Islamic forces in Egypt because it is not a party to the conflict.

He stressed that he was subjected to many of the unjust trials both in the ordinary courts or exceptional and is not proof of any charge, also said he was ready to debate with any of the scientists on the initiative, because all its contents do not go against the laws of God.

Furthermore, it was revealed that he had been threatened by state security, and asked him not to respond to the initiative of the Islamic group, pointing out that the security of the state he wants to continue terrorism continued strength did not seek any of them solve the case, which is faced by Alaa al-Husseini a state security officers He asked his debate.

He stressed that the democracy that restore the sovereignty of the people is unacceptable because it is against the law of God, and should be used only to restore the law of God, pointing out that the rule of “hand-cut” as God commanded must be implemented in the event that it is permissible.

He also stressed on the health of the jihadist ideology, calling for a return to the religion of God, and within the religion Jihad door, and the call for jihad not only, but for true religion and worship God properly.

He criticized the campaigns that have been directed to Salafi jihadist ideology, where he was arrested on a large number of them and proved that there is no evidence.

On the other hand, described the American bases in Arab and Islamic countries occupying, declaring that their presence came against the wishes of the Muslim countries.

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