Bankstown,young girl promoting Jihad or holy war 17 Sep 2012

Posted on September 18, 2012


17/09 Abroad In Australia fuss after an eight-year-old girl pleaded for the ‘holy war’. Place of event was a conference of radical Muslims in the capital Sydney.
Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Ruqaya spoke on ‘Muslims Rise’ conference her love for’ jihad ‘, the entire Islamic community or umma’ and the uprisings in Syria. “These revolts show that ‘umma’ still much alive,” she began her speech. “Children of my age walking along the street and take part in the uprisings. They risk their lives for food, water and medicine to bring to wounded relatives. Certain times never to their mother. For this ‘holy war’ is none too young. ”

Last Saturday, police tear gas against hundreds of protesters Muslims to the American consulate wanted to draw (picture). Participants wore black Jihad flags and banners with the inscription: “beheaded anyone who insults the prophet”.

The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard reacts outraged protests. They find it mind-boggling that Muslim children running around with cloths on which slogans like “Beheaded anyone who insults the prophet” or “Our dead are in paradise, those of you in hell” were.

In the short film “Innocence or Muslims,” ​​the Prophet Muhammad proposed as a murderer, child rapist and womanizer. In Muslim countries around the world came to violent protests in recent days, including the Western embassies in sight were taken. There were already several people died.

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