Antiwar: US Continues to Support and Fund War Crimes Committed by Terrorist in Syria

Posted on September 18, 2012


Sep 18, 2012
WASHINGTON, (SANA)- U.S. “Anti-War” Website said that the fact that the armed terrorist groups’ perpetration of war crimes has been found and publicized repeatedly to anyone willing to hear it, yet the US policy remains aiding these groups.

The website added in an article written by John Glaser under the title of ” America’s Support for Syrian Rebel War Crimes” that in May, a United Nations investigation found that rebel militias were committing atrocities, as the Amnesty International has revealed a systematic practice among the armed groups of murder, torture and brutal massacres.

Glaser added that Human Rights Watch exposed practices of torture and executions committed by those groups and urged investigations and pressure for these crimes to stop.

The Human Rights Watch said, following a visit to Aleppo governorate, that the armed terrorist groups have subjected detainees to ill-treatment and torture and committed extrajudicial or summary executions in Aleppo, Lattakia, and Idleb, adding that these practices are war crimes, and may constitute crimes against humanity if they are widespread and systematic.

The Organization expressed serious concern about statements made by some opposition leaders indicating that they tolerate, or even condone, extrajudicial and summary executions.

The writer criticized the US policy saying, ” In early August, White House spokesman Jay Carney was forced to condemn such acts when asked about them, displaying no intention by the US administration to try to put a stop to it or to pull support from such unscrupulous groups, however, Public condemnations are an easy ‘public relations’ strategy of deflecting responsibilities for the crimes the US supports,” he added.

Glaser reiterated that the US is working with allies in the Arab Gulf states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar to send the armed terrorist groups weapons, intelligence, and other equipment, as NATO ally, Turkey ,is harboring and even training members of “the Free Syrian Army”, adding that US military and intelligence officials are stationed on the Turkish-Syrian border to aid the rebels.

He continued to say that it is widely known and even officially acknowledged that the armed terrorist groups have a large and growing contingent of al-Qaeda fighters in their ranks.

“Rather than deter US funding, this has merely prompted the Obama administration to claim, incredibly, that they are going through a vetting process to ensure aid doesn’t reach the al-Qaeda-linked rebels. But the process is made up of untrustworthy, third-party sources and intelligence officials have recently told the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times that the truth is that the US doesn’t know who is getting the money and weapons,” he added.

Glaser concluded the article saying that it seems, from reports like this one from Human Rights Watch, that even rebels that don’t belong to al-Qaeda are committing serious crimes and US policy is both immoral and strategically bankrupt.

R. Milhem/ M. Nassr

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