Cairo: America refuses to cooperate to recover the looted money and smuggling money to Arab countries

Posted on September 16, 2012


09/15/2012 – 20:17:00
Ahmed Seif – Cairo
Hinted Moataz Salah al-Din, head of the popular initiative to recover money looted Egypt, to the complicity of America, England, and the role of the initiative in Switzerland, referring to the Egyptian capital in Arab countries.
He told “Today”: We are still betting on this number, and I have already said for (today), that there are responsible many including Egyptians bet that Switzerland will not cooperate with us and freeze more than $ 500 million, but has now reached the amounts frozen by Switzerland 750 to one million dollars, and the number of characters that have been frozen accounts to 31 of the symbols of the former regime, including former President Mubarak and his wife and نجلاه and their wives and Ahmed Nazif and Atef Ebeid former prime ministers and their wives and a number of former ministers, including Habib El Adly and Zuhair Garanah and Sameh Fahmy and Ahmed Maghrabi and a number of their wives, and Ahmed Ezz and his three wives and Hussein Salem, his wife and his son Khaled and his wife, also said Britain will freeze new amounts are officially announced it had frozen 40 million pounds. He added: We got all the secrets and we have too many documents, and presented the first official document amounts and frozen their money names in Britain, but they do not announce it for political reasons.
He noted that the initiative to estimate the size of smuggled money beyond the $ 225 billion in the estimation of the initiative.
And lack of cooperation from Britain, said: England did not freeze the property, which includes apartments, real estate, hotels, etc., and I think we need more cooperation between Egypt and these countries through the judicial authorities, which are supposed to have a much greater effect.
I want to make it clear that the popular initiative to recover funds Egypt looted abroad have documents reveal grab and a half billion dollars of one of the symbols of corruption claimed the United States they are unable to access these documents, but we started moving and was Judiciary Committee in Egypt has asked us these documents Fbgesna it and we got it and we hand it to the committee and formed a committee three religions in America to support the initiative and founded the efforts of Dr. Mohammed Jamal Coordinator Initiative America, who met with Mr. David Brice Congressman and handed him a note on the lack of cooperation by the United States and its refusal to freeze funds 103 of the symbols of the former regime and explained the demands of the initiative in This note and this note was handed over to Hillary Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State, and U.S. president Barack Obama.
We continue our efforts in the United States of America, but America refuses to cooperate with us and helping to Egypt revolution.

Congress official
And Washington’s refusal to freeze funds Egyptian contraband, he said: that America has always known that there is a lack in the documents, and while we are continuing to pressure, America must cooperate with our country.
I Chkzia met administrator prominent in the U.S. Justice Department and Li stressed that his country will not freeze any funds contraband, and we in turn formed a coalition parliamentary in the U.S. Congress headed by David Press, and another coalition in Britain headed by Andy Slaughter and we will in the coming days progress interrogate submitted in cooperation with us Andi Slaughter directed Alistair Burt Affairs Minister Foreign Office Middle East, and will exercise pressure represented in lawsuits against the British government on the lines of what happened against the Spanish government and Pat businessman Hussein Salem Egyptian verge of extradition to Egypt.
In regard to the delayed delivery of Hussein Salem, explained Salahuddin, there assertions by Jose Manuel Garcia, the Spanish foreign minister, announced in Cairo on the extradition Hussein Salem and his two sons and re-stolen money immediately after the judgment from the Spanish, is exactly what announced the initiative for months. The initiative has already announced that its coordinator in Spain Ibrahim Abu Russians had met Delawares Dgad and represented the prosecution Spanish in case Hussein Salem, where he was coordinating with them on appeal prosecutors Spanish anti-stab Hussein Salem, has accepted the Constitutional Court in Madrid challenged prosecutors Spanish, also accepted the intervention of Egypt in the case. I emphasize that the first hearing session of the Spanish Constitutional Court would be like handing fugitive Hussein Salem to Egypt.
He stressed that the Egyptian government must be based Egyptian government political and diplomatic moves in the States concerned. And confirmed the existence of funds smuggled in Arab countries and to assure that the smuggling operations through some banks or certain individuals and not by the official governments.

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