Hang the bodies of nine people in Nuevo Laredo

Posted on September 15, 2012


September 14, 2012
NUEVO LAREDO, TX., (Proceso.com.mx.) – Nine people were killed and hung on a footbridge in this border city, the second time in the present year, said an official source.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Municipal Security said the bodies were hung from their feet during the morning on the bridge that crosses the Colosio Boulevard, at the junction with the road to Monterrey, where the authors also left a “narco message” whose content was not disclosed.

Earlier there was a bombing and burning of a bar, and it is assumed that there were “raised” some of the men who appeared hung.

This is the second time that corpses are hung with banners alluding to a rival cartel.

On May 4 were found five men and four women on a bridge over the highway Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo with a message that identified them as members of the Gulf cartel and responsible for blowing up a car outside the Department of Public Safety last April 24.

They were blindfolded and bearing signs of torture. On one side of the bodies also hung a large banner was written in black and red ink.

Among other paragraphs, the message said, quote: “Fucking whores, so I’m going to go running all the assholes you send to heat the place.”

Nuevo Laredo is a place controlled by the Zetas and recently the Sinaloa cartel arrived to dispute this strategic border town, where it crosses the 75 percent of the land trade between the U.S. and Mexico

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