Carbonated bombs used for the first time in Yemen

Posted on September 15, 2012


Carr provided between angry demonstrators and riot police in the vicinity of the U.S. embassy in Sanaa (photo)
Friday, September 14 – September 2012 at 07 pm – Marib Press Secretary Dibwan
Clashes resumed in the vicinity of the U.S. embassy in Sanaa for the second day in a row, and wounded the day at least 10 people, one of them in critical condition after being injured to proceed with a bomb Carbonated, which led to a large deep wound in the face.

Witnesses said that the tear gas used today to disperse angry protesters from displaying no U.S. abusive that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was severe impact on the demonstrators, who were juniors suffocation severe skin infection and inflame the body and lead to infections severe chest even suffered person from a remote location, according to witnesses themselves, this type of bomb used for the first time in Yemen.

It has been observed sniper تمترس Americans marines (Almarranz) on the roofs of buildings adjacent to the embassy and the Sheraton Hotel, which are likely to be quoted embassy staff to him.

Barack Obama was expressed in a telephone conversation with President Hadi today feared for the safety and security of the embassy and its consulates in Yemen.

Were carried out hit-between demonstrators and riot police and central security in the vicinity of the embassy and neighboring districts have where they were burning the American flag and car tires that filled the embassy with smoke rising by protesters who threw riot police with stones as security forces fired live bullets in the air and used a number of Sprinklers different species.

The cause emissions of tear gas wounded residents of neighborhoods surrounding the Embassy of suffocation and severe infections in the sinuses and the effects on the skin, especially among children, women and the elderly.

The number of Aqbt Egypt in America headed by lawyer Maurice Sadek head what is known as “the supreme body of state Coptic” producing a film offends the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and start display in conjunction with the anniversary of the events of atheist th of September in the United States.

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